Artificial Intelligence Aids in Predicting Bank of England Interest Rate Decisions


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  • AI predicts Bank of England interest rates with 32% accuracy.
  • Neutral speeches correlate with future rate hikes.
  • AI empowers the public in financial decision-making.

Artificial intelligence has demonstrated its capability to assist in predicting the future interest rate decisions of the Bank of England, according to a recent study conducted by researchers at Sheffield Hallam University’s Sheffield Business School. By employing a generative AI program called ChatGPT, the researchers analyzed speeches made by Bank policymakers from 1997, when the Bank gained independence, up to June of this year, specifically those delivered in advance of interest rate decisions. The findings revealed that ChatGPT successfully predicted correct interest rate decisions in 32% of cases, marking a significant breakthrough in forecasting future voting behavior.

A “Significant” breakthrough

In the field of social science statistical predictions, achieving a result above 10% is considered robust. Therefore, the 32% accuracy rate demonstrated by ChatGPT is noteworthy and holds considerable promise for enhancing the accuracy of interest rate forecasts. This groundbreaking research could have far-reaching implications for the world of finance and monetary policy.

How ChatGPT works

To arrive at their predictions, the researchers classified each of the 705 speeches as either dovish, neutral, or hawkish. In monetary policy terms, hawks advocate for tighter monetary policy, aiming for higher interest rates to control inflation and economic growth, while doves prefer looser monetary policy, advocating for lower rates to support growth and combat inflation.

The researchers also discovered a correlation between the tone of speeches and voting behavior. Members of the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) who delivered more neutral speeches were more inclined to vote for interest rate hikes in subsequent meetings.

To further refine their predictions, the researchers incorporated additional factors into their model. This included the length of time an MPC member had been on the rate-setting panel, their historical voting patterns, and whether they were an internal employee of the Bank or an external member. This comprehensive approach provided more accurate forecasts of how each member was likely to vote at the next one or two policy meetings.

Potential implications for the public

Drew Woodhouse, senior lecturer in economics at Sheffield Business School and lead author of the research, highlighted the potential of AI programs like ChatGPT to empower the public. He stated, “AI can become an everyday tool for the public, especially in areas like financial decision making.” As AI continues to evolve and improve its predictive capabilities, it could assist individuals in making informed financial choices based on forecasts of central bank decisions.

Expanding the scope of AI analysis

The researchers also noted that their approach to analyzing Bank of England speeches could extend to other areas of central bank communications, such as forward guidance. In forward guidance, policymakers provide information about the likely future course of monetary policy. By applying AI to analyze such communications, it may be possible to gain deeper insights into the future direction of monetary policy, providing valuable information to financial institutions and investors.

This groundbreaking study demonstrates the potential of artificial intelligence in forecasting critical financial decisions. With the ability to predict Bank of England interest rate decisions with 32% accuracy, AI programs like ChatGPT offer new tools for enhancing economic forecasting and improving financial decision-making for the public. As AI technology continues to advance, it is likely to play an increasingly significant role in shaping the future of financial markets and monetary policy.

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