AI-Powered Cameras Uncover Insightful Data on E-Scooter Riding Behavior


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  • Dott’s e-scooter cameras reveal most riders stick to roads, not sidewalks.
  • AI data highlights reasons behind sidewalk riding, including parking and blocked lanes.
  • Dott aims to work with cities using this info for better infrastructure and targeted rider education.

Dott, the leading micro-mobility operator in Europe, has recently revealed groundbreaking insights from its latest research utilizing AI-powered cameras installed on their shared e-scooters. The primary goal of this innovative initiative was to analyze and curb the prevalent issue of pavement riding, a practice that has sparked concerns across various European cities and Israel.

With the installation of Luna Systems’ AI cameras on a select fleet of Dott’s shared e-scooters in prominent cities such as Brussels, Grenoble, and Tel Aviv, an extensive analysis was conducted, encompassing more than 3,000 trips and over 6,000 kilometers. Surprisingly, the findings indicated that the majority of e-scooter usage, a staggering 93%, was concentrated on roads and designated bike lanes. Despite the widespread compliance, the study shed light on the minute yet significant occurrences of pavement riding, accounting for a mere fraction of the overall e-scooter use.

AI Data pinpoints root causes of pavement riding

Through meticulous data collection and analysis, Dott’s research highlighted the primary triggers behind pavement riding, revealing an intricate interplay between urban infrastructure and rider behavior. Notably, a substantial 71% of pavement riding instances were found to be influenced by the conditions of the road and surrounding infrastructure. Noteworthy causative factors included accessing on-pavement scooter parking via sidewalks, utilizing zebra crossings leading to pavements, and the convergence of cycle lanes onto pedestrian pathways.

Commending the deployment of AI technology, Laura Mollard-Dumont, Mobility Project Manager for the City of Grenoble, emphasized its pivotal role in enhancing city residents’ safety and fostering improved regulatory compliance. This technology not only facilitates the identification of problematic urban infrastructure but also presents an opportunity for city authorities to gain a comprehensive understanding of the intricate dynamics of urban mobility.

Expressing optimism regarding the findings, Maxim Romain, Co-Founder, and COO at Dott, underlined the responsible inclination of the majority of e-scooter riders. Acknowledging the prevalent preference for pavement riding as a safety measure, Romain emphasized the necessity for collaborative efforts between Dott and city authorities to optimize road conditions and infrastructure, thereby fostering an environment that promotes safe and responsible usage of sustainable transportation.

Utilization of AI data for targeted solutions and enhanced infrastructure planning

Armed with comprehensive insights, Dott has taken a proactive approach in sharing its findings with relevant city authorities, leveraging cutting-edge mapping software to identify hotspots of pavement riding. With the aim of prioritizing infrastructural investments and street redesign, cities can utilize this data to make informed decisions that enhance the overall urban mobility experience. Additionally, Dott aims to implement targeted interventions for frequent pavement riders, including educational tools and, when necessary, restricted access to the service.

Dott’s concerted efforts, alongside the collaborative engagement of city authorities, signify a progressive step toward fostering a secure and harmonious environment for micro-mobility solutions across European cities. As the initiative continues to gain momentum, the future of urban transportation appears more promising and sustainable than ever before.

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