AI-Powered App Predicts Illness 10 Days in Advance – Revolutionizing Cystic Fibrosis Care


  • An AI-powered app, Breathe RM, is set to revolutionize cystic fibrosis (CF) care by predicting when patients will fall ill up to 10 days in advance.
  • The app, developed in a year-long project called ACE-CF, is being trialed at Royal Papworth Hospital with support from LifeArc and NIHR, aiming to recruit 400 patients.
  • Designed as a “to-do list,” Breathe RM collects daily input data, enabling remote monitoring of CF patients, potentially eliminating the need for frequent clinic visits.

An AI-powered app named Breathe RM is poised to transform the landscape of care for patients with chronic lung conditions, particularly cystic fibrosis (CF). The app, utilizing advanced algorithms, holds the potential to predict when a patient will fall ill up to 10 days in advance. This technological leap is set to redefine how CF patients are monitored, allowing for remote tracking and reducing the necessity for frequent and time-consuming clinic visits.

Spearheaded by the ACE-CF project, the app is currently undergoing trials at Royal Papworth Hospital, supported by the esteemed medical research charity LifeArc and the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR).

Breathe RM – A new horizon in cystic fibrosis care

Breathe RM, conceptualized as a comprehensive “to-do list,” serves as a pivotal tool in the remote monitoring of cystic fibrosis patients. The app’s design requires users to input daily data, streamlining the collection of vital information necessary for predicting potential health complications.

This innovative approach holds the promise of liberating patients from the burden of frequent clinic visits, where appointments often span several hours, leading to further segregation due to potential antibiotic-resistant infections present in some patients’ lungs.

The app seamlessly integrates with devices like handheld spirometers measuring lung function and peg oximeters assessing blood oxygen levels. Connected via Bluetooth, these devices automatically input data into the app. Breathe RM goes beyond traditional medical devices by also incorporating data from personal smartwatches. Patients actively contribute to the data pool by self-reporting their cough frequency and overall well-being. This all-encompassing method guarantees a thorough comprehension of the patient’s state.

The mastermind behind the AI algorithm powering Breathe RM is Andres Floto, a distinguished professor of respiratory biology at the University of Cambridge and a research director at the Cambridge Centre for Lung Infection at Royal Papworth Hospital. The algorithm analyzes subtle differences in data, providing patients with a unique traffic light system. Patients, empowered by this technology, receive color-coded alerts—green signals normalcy, amber indicates increased self-care measures, and red prompts immediate contact with the CF medical team, signaling a likely future health decline.

ACE-CF and the pioneering spirit of Magic Bullet

ACE-CF, a year-long project involving 50 patients initially, aims to revolutionize cystic fibrosis care through the implementation of Breathe RM. Magic Bullet, a company founded by Kirsty and David Hill, actively supports ACE-CF’s mission.

Kirsty Hill emphasizes the transformative potential of Breathe RM, particularly highlighting the app’s ability to predict exacerbations, a feature she considers revolutionary for CF patients. The app’s efficacy in predicting exacerbations is being rigorously tested in the ongoing trial, with the hope that it will provide a game-changing tool for managing CF.

The founders of Magic Bullet, Kirsty and David Hill, embarked on a mission to find solutions for CF patients following their son George’s diagnosis. Their initial concept revolved around a “virtual nagger,” seeking to alleviate the burden on parents constantly reminding their children about medical routines. Kirsty Hill emphasizes Prof Floto’s commitment to pioneering real change in the CF space. If the exacerbation predictor proves successful in the trial, it could mark a revolutionary shift in CF management, offering users a tool that minimizes the constant awareness of their condition.

The AI-powered app’s reach beyond chronic lung conditions

The potential impact of Breathe RM extends beyond cystic fibrosis, as it is envisioned to assist individuals with bronchiectasis. A separate study, Bronch-Ex, funded by LifeArc as part of its significant investment in chronic respiratory infection treatments, is set to explore the applicability of the same technology. Bronchiectasis, often misdiagnosed and underrepresented, affects a considerable number of individuals in the UK. The technology, if successful, could offer a voice to this silent disease, aiding both diagnosis and proactive management.

As Breathe RM undergoes trials and paves the way for a potential revolution in cystic fibrosis care, the question arises: Could this AI-powered app become a cornerstone in the broader realm of chronic respiratory conditions? The fusion of technology, medical expertise, and patient empowerment showcased in this innovative approach raises hopes for a future where individuals with chronic lung conditions can actively participate in managing their health, potentially transforming the landscape of respiratory care. Will this technological marvel be the catalyst for a paradigm shift in how we approach and address chronic respiratory diseases?

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