Economist Predicts AI Could Render Schools and Teachers Obsolete


  • US economist Peter Schiff has warned that AI could eliminate teaching in elementary schools.
  • Many teachers perceive AI as a threat to traditional education.
  • However, the technology is believed to hold “good opportunities” for the educational sector at large.

Artificial intelligence has shown promising potential to handle and automate several day-to-day tasks for individuals and organisations. Some tools like ChatGPT are able to generate texts, images, codes, and whatnot, helping creators alleviate certain burdens and become more productive. 

Peter Schiff Says AI Could Eliminate Teaching

But underneath these breakthroughs with AI lies a growing concern that the technology could displace people from their jobs. Among the sectors that could be disrupted by AI is the education sector, according to American economist Peter Schiff. 

The economist recently warned that AI could eliminate elementary school education and render teachers and administrators obsolete. 

“One of the jobs that is likely to be eliminated by A.I. is teaching,” Peter Schiff said during an interview with FOX News Digital. “I think certainly for elementary school education K through 12. I think at the end of the day, schools will be obsolete. The teachers, the administrators, the unions, the whole bureaucracy.”

Professors Consider AI a Threat

Generative AI tools like ChatGPT are increasingly being harnessed by students for writing essays, schoolwork, and assignments. College professors consider however this as “cheating” and therefore perceive AI technology as a threat to traditional education settings.

Recently, the New York City Department of Education banned student from accessing ChatGPT over fears it would harm their education. 

Despite the perceived threat and drawbacks to AI in education, like plagiarism and the devaluation of students’ ability to do original work, some experts still believe the technology holds “good opportunity” in schools. 

“In the midst of all that sort of hand-wringing, I’ve seen it as a really good opportunity. I welcome those conversations because I think it sort of puts a spotlight on the fact that universities have been promising to give students something that really is outside our strength. It’s outside what a true university education can offer,” said Palm Beach Atlantic University professor Dr. Tom St. Antoine.

AI Will Level The Playing Field in Education

Peter Schiff further discussed that the penetration of AI technology in education would level the playing field for students, allowing everyone access to the same quality educational content, irrespective of social class and background.

In the traditional education setting, students born to wealthier parents are often privileged to have a better education compared to those born to people with less financial strength. 

“Everybody is going to have access to the same level of teaching at virtually no cost through AI. And so people will be able to educate themselves from home by using artificial intelligence more efficiently and better and faster than the current system,” Schiff added. 

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