The AI chip stock frenzy is not going to end well


  • The AI chip frenzy might not end well, particularly for tech giants like Samsung, whose second-quarter earnings suggest a longer path to AI-driven profits than anticipated.
  • Despite investors boosting Samsung’s stock, forecasts predict a 96% plunge in operating profit and a 22% drop in sales.
  • An excess of AI chips due to the 2021 global shortage and decreased demand for smartphones and computers have resulted in lower sales forecasts and reduced contract volumes.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) chips have become a hot commodity in recent years, as investors perceive them to be the new gold rush in the tech sector.

However, as the mad rush for AI chip stocks escalates, there’s an impending sense that this frantic scramble might not have a fairy tale ending, particularly for tech giants like Samsung.

This belief is reinforced by the company’s plummeting second-quarter earnings guidance, hinting that the path to AI-driven profits might be longer and more complicated than initially anticipated.

A bleak outlook for Samsung’s AI chip division

Despite an investor frenzy that increased Samsung’s stock value by a quarter this year, recent projections paint a less-than-rosy picture. Hopes of an AI chip demand surge have been dampened by a forecasted 96% plunge in operating profit, the lowest it has been in over a decade.

Sales, too, are expected to shrink, with a drop of 22% to roughly $46 billion. Surprisingly, it seems the AI chip business, once seen as the golden goose, might be the sole unit recording an operating loss of at least $2.6 billion.

This unexpected turn of events starkly contrasts the 40% premium Samsung’s shares command compared to its regional competitors, a premium built largely on AI hype.

True, Samsung manufactures key components for servers required for generative AI, the demand for which has fueled a sense of optimism. But the projected surge in demand is being offset by some real-world challenges.

An urgent concern is the chip glut, a consequence of the stockpiling frenzy during the 2021 global shortage. This stockpiling has led to a lag between chip purchase and use, resulting in customers sitting on large inventories.

The easing of the pandemic and a return to office life has also led to a reduction in demand for smartphones and computers, further exacerbating the situation.

Chip prices have suffered as a result, with certain types witnessing a decline of up to a fifth in the second quarter. Consequently, lower sales forecasts and reduced contract volumes have struck a hard blow to the AI chip industry.

Pragmatic optimism for the future

Despite the immediate concerns, there’s an argument to be made for the long-term viability of AI chip investments. Companies in AI-related fields should increase chip demand over time.

Plus, Samsung’s diverse product portfolio – including its standing as the world’s largest maker of smartphones and TVs – provides a buffer against the current AI chip woes.

Also, let’s not overlook Samsung’s potential for cost-saving by reducing its marketing expenditure. However, this reassurance doesn’t entirely dismiss the looming specter of an AI chip stock crash, as the company’s inflated valuation hinges heavily on the AI hype.

For potential investors, it might be wise to hold off on making fresh bets until chip prices begin to show signs of recovery, an event that might not transpire until next year.

The takeaway here is that while AI chips hold enormous potential, it’s essential to separate hype from reality and understand the sector’s complexities before plunging headfirst into the AI chip stock frenzy.

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