A Free 7-Day Stay at a Premium Resort: TravelBlock’s Unforgettable Honeymoon Gift

TravelBlock is one of the best booking platforms on blockchain which is very easy to use.

As I browsed through the internet for articles tagged with “honeymoon”, one item caught my attention: Romantic, Budget-Friendly European Getaways. I drooled over the choices of top destinations to “wind down and connect” with my significant other and took note of the tips on how to save on these travels.

Wanting to know more about this booking platform, I checked to see honest feedbacks from the TravelBlock community by joining TravelBlock’s Telegram channel.  

I was able to read a few chats on their feedback about this wonderful travel booking site:

“Just got KYC passed and I accessed the site. I am very familiar with Miami beaches and the prices; I also compared with Bookings dot com; TravelBlock has great prices and offerings, I am very happy to be a member”. This is one sample of chat on the TravelBlock’s Telegram channel.

Another member posted a screenshot and commented: “This beauty above is for 6 children and 1 adult in2 rooms for 1 week, €469, how is that even possible…”

One of the testimonials came from Phu Styles, a blockchain influencer and venture partner of Velorum Capital: “We didn’t think Vegas would be any cheaper, but TravelBlock wowed us once again by beating the lowest prices online from $79 to $59 per night. We even got our resort fee waived so we saved another $35 on the night!”

All can profit from the incredible REWARDS system which keeps giving back as much as you enjoy your travel destinations. Yes, they pay you to travel! I registered and got busy right away inviting my friends and family for our dream holidays – at prices, we could actually afford.

And since I discovered their amazing REWARDS system which gives me incentives as much as I love the destinations – And Yes, they pay you to travel!  I registered and went busily inviting my family and friends right away!

You only need 1 TRVL Token to be a member and you can invite your friends and family to your network. Investors are assured that the integration and functionality of the platform are tested and ready by September 2018.