A dreaded-drop is here to close the year with a bad bang

The period of relief is coming to a dreaded end as major cryptocurrencies are suffering a double-digit loss. All of the top currencies are declining. Bitcoin has descended over nine percent (9%) in value and its current trading price is three thousand eight hundred and twelve dollars ( $3,812).

The price of Bitcoin had significantly increased yesterday but today it dropped down by as low as five hundred dollars ($100). Bitcoin was very near to reclaiming the four thousand dollars ($4,000) price point but has again plummeted down to the range of three thousand seven hundred ( $3,700) to three thousand eight hundred dollars ($3,800). Bitcoin has dropped over twelve percent (12%) in value since the start of this week.

The XRP has had it much worse than Bitcoin as it has descended fifteen percent in value in just one day. It is trading at the price of zero point three eight dollars ($0.38) when it was being traded the price of zero point four five dollars ($0.45) yesterday. XRP has lost only seven percent (7%) as far as monthly losses are concerned.

Ethereum has suffered a loss of eighteen percent (17%) today and is trading at about one hundred and twenty-seven dollars ( $127). However just yesterday Ethereum has hit a hundred and fifty dollars ($150) price point. That was its highest price point over the course of a month.

Bitcoin Cash has descended over twenty percent (20%) and is trading at over a hundred and eighty-three dollars ($183). Bitcoin Cash is twenty-seven percent (27%) down as far s monthly charts are concerned but did show an increase in the weekly charts.

Bitcoin SV has descended over fifteen percent (15%) and is trading at ninety-three dollars ($93) in the market.

Other cryptocurrencies have shown a significant decrease in value too. Litecoin is down by almost twelve percent (12%) and is trading at thirty-one dollars ($31.09).

The overall market cap of the currencies sums up to a hundred and twenty-eight billion dollars right now. Yesterday it had however hit over a hundred and forty-seven dollars ($147) yesterday. No matter how low it is still better than the market low of $114.2 billion it experienced on the 18th of December.