Three Arrows founders slapped with fines by Dubai regulator


  • Founders of Three Arrows Capital face fines from Dubai’s Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority (VARA).
  • OPNX exchange gets hit with a $2.7 million fine, which remains unpaid.
  • OPNX executives, including 3AC founders, individually fined for advertising violations; they’ve settled their fines.

A relentless storm brews in the financial desert of Dubai as the founders of the ill-fated digital asset hedge fund, Three Arrows Capital (3AC), get hit with a weighty financial penalty.

Kyle Davies and Su Zhu, previously celebrated visionaries of 3AC, now face Dubai’s wrath, alongside other executives connected to the OPNX exchange.

Dubai’s Steely Oversight on Cryptocurrencies

The Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority (VARA) of Dubai, in its pursuit to ensure a regulated and fair crypto environment, recently slapped the OPNX exchange with a hefty fine.

The amount, a staggering 10 million United Arab Emirates dirhams (equivalent to about $2.7 million), remains a thorn in the side of OPNX, a glaring reminder of their alleged transgressions against Dubai’s market regulations.

In what may seem like a staggering oversight, this eye-watering sum hasn’t found its way to VARA’s coffers yet. In an even bolder move, the unyielding VARA didn’t stop at penalizing the exchange alone.

Executives of OPNX, including Davies and Zhu, along with Mark Lamb and CEO Leslie Lamb, found themselves on the receiving end of individual fines.

These particular penalties, totaling 200,000 AED (or approximately $54,000), were due to violations related to Dubai’s strict guidelines on marketing, advertising, and promotions. Unlike the lingering debt of OPNX, these individual fines have already been settled.

The Future Looks Grim for OPNX

The dark clouds don’t seem to be clearing for OPNX. With the outstanding $2.7 million unpaid, VARA’s patience might be wearing thin.

The regulator’s toolbox is far from empty, and the variety of measures they can employ to ensure compliance ranges from imposing additional penalties, levying more fines, or even taking decisive steps to recoup the unpaid dues.

The gravity of the situation escalates with VARA’s suggestion of potentially liaising with law enforcement or the courts if necessary.

Yet, what’s truly fascinating about this unfolding drama is OPNX’s meteoric rise and tumultuous journey. The creation of OPNX was the brainchild of none other than the 3AC co-founders and Mark Lamb from CoinFLEX.

The initial performance of the exchange was, to put it mildly, underwhelming, clocking in a trading volume of a mere $13.64 on its debut. But the tides turned swiftly. By the end of June, their daily trading figures skyrocketed to an impressive $30 million.

Dubai’s recent actions don’t come as a bolt from the blue. The emirate’s regulatory body is known for its unwavering commitment to overseeing a compliant crypto landscape.

Evidence of this steadfast approach was evident when, earlier this year, VARA suspended BitOasis’s license. For those out of the loop, BitOasis held the distinction of being the inaugural crypto exchange to secure an operating license in Dubai.

Their fall from grace was attributed to their inability to meet specific conditions set by VARA within an allocated timeframe. In the world of finance, where change is the only constant, the unwavering stance of Dubai’s regulatory body sends a clear message.

While the promise and allure of digital currencies remain, those who tread this path must ensure adherence to the rules of the land. For now, the founders of Three Arrows Capital are learning this lesson the hard way.

The world watches and waits as the saga unfolds. For those operating in or eyeing Dubai as their crypto haven, caution remains the order of the day.

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