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The election of Kamala Harris to Vice President has put a spotlight on the issue of gender equality. Despite Mrs. Harris’ shattering of the proverbial glass ceiling, when it comes to business and technology, we live in an era where women represent a disturbingly small percentage of tech founders. According to a 2019 report by Silicon Valley Bank “WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY LEADERSHIP 2019,” just 56 percent of startups have at least one woman in an executive position, and only 40 percent have at least one woman on the board of directors.

ZapLife comes as a spark of light in the darkness of Covid-19: a new livestreaming app founded by two women, Cassie Hinnen and Samantha Irizarry, that makes it easier to get connected and stay entertained. 


Cassie has taken the reins of ZapLife as Chief Executive Officer.  She was previously co-founder and  Product Manager of ZapTheory, The Social Money Platform dedicated to tokenizing the planet – one business, passion or personality at a time. Since launching, ZapTheory has given birth to many potential businesses, all on the blockchain

We asked Cassie Hinnen, CEO the following: 

Tell us about you, your career and how you established Zaplife.

Her background in finance was her spark, along with her commitment to women empowerment. Hinnen considers her prime contribution to ZapLife as being instrumental in creating company vision and empowering team members.

What is the primary motivation and vision for Zaplife?

“ZapLife came about from the need to create a virtual conference that we were planning for ZapTheory. We simultaneously noticed the nightlife and entertainment space imploded, and there was a need in the social nightlife arena. We wanted to focus on entertainment initially, and eventually extend to other avenues to include anything from podcasts to protests, fitness sessions to fashion shows.” 

When you take a tour of ZapLife.social, you can see that there’s something for almost everyone.

What are the key features of the service/platform to be developed?

Cassie highlights “ZapLife offers a unique layout with a reimagined landscape for virtual experiences. For example, we have a virtual stage, rotating dance floor, and VIP rooms–giving the audience the ability to see and be seen. As an added bonus, we offer virtual gifts via in-app purchase, as a way for creators to monetize. ZapLife is the Ultimate Livestreaming Platform where the world can have more fun and make more money!

ZapLife was conceived in March 2020, at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Its sister blockchain platform, ZapTheory, was conceived in December 2018

Being associated with ZapTheory enables us to focus not only on building unique experiences in livestreaming, but to foster genuine participation by and for the community. ZapTheory’s tokenized platform has invented experiences unprecedented in blockchain. We designed our token model to foster and promote interaction and engagement by the token holding community. Upon purchase of the tokens, they are locked and ineligible for receiving revenue share or to sell. Only once the token holder makes meaningful contributions to the community (by engaging in certain use cases and experiences) will the tokens eventually unlock.  

Which market participants (investors) will the token sale target?

Among our target users for the ZapLife app are: Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts, Livestreaming Creators, Superfans of Celebrities and Influencers, Technology Investors, Content Creators (DJ’s, Musicians, Dancers, Personal Trainers, Podcasters, and more.)” 

One can just imagine why Livestreaming 2.0 is referred to as the Great Non-Stop Party of the 21st Century and Beyond. Can you imagine realigning your career to be on the same platform as rappers Jim Jones & Dave East, WWE superstars Danielle Moinet & Barbie Blank, influencers Bernice Burgos, Alexis Skyy, Miracle Watts, & Ana Montana, fitness guru Calum Von Moger and DJ Envy, who also serves as an official advisor for the platform?  

Are there any restrictions regarding contributors?

Our token is designed and engineered to be compliant with U.S. securities laws; therefore, there are no restrictions on who can make a contribution to the token sale.”  

What technologies will be used (new or existing, open-source project vs. blockchain patent envisaged, etc.)?

“The ZapCoin (ZAP) is an ERC-20 token. The tokenized platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain. The ZapLife mobile app is on the App Store and Google Play and will soon be available as a  Web-based app.”  

The following benefits and privileges are granted to token holders:

  • Use cases that are unprecedented in blockchain and tokenization when it comes to entertainment
  • Eligibility to receive a share of quarterly profits after devoting meaningful efforts to the community
  • Voting rights and a potent voice in the future direction of the project and the music industry
  • A digital asset designed to be in compliance with  SEC regulations
  • Opportunity to be a pioneer in the blockchain revolution, as ZapLife transmutes the community into a formal DAO
  • Of course, after devoting meaningful efforts to the community, token holders will also be able to sell or trade their tokens

What crucial decisions (policy changes, direction, focus, etc) were made by your team?

“Initially, we were supposed to launch on Labor Day weekend, framed around DJ Envy’s birthday, but we needed more time to make sure all features would be fully functional. We understood the value of a good first impression and how that can form a company’s reputation; therefore, we delayed our Beta launch for Halloween.” 

What utilities are planned for the token? What rights will be attached?”

“The ability to engage on the ZapTheory & ZapLife platforms with access to all experiences… as well as voting rights and the ability to share in the project’s revenues. In the near future, the tokens can be contributed to various buckets in ZapTheory’s wombs (incubator) to benefit from the artist’s growth and success.”

At what point, by whom and in what manner will the token be transferred to the investors?

“Tokens will be transferred to investors upon purchase, after having created a ZapTheory account and wallet. However, the tokens are only unlocked after the user contributes meaningfully to the community with simple actions.”

How can the token be transferred (compatible wallets, technical standards)?

“Transfers can go between ERC-20 compatible wallets. The tokens can only be transferred after they are unlocked. Tokens are unlocked after engaging in 32 specified engagements on the platform.”

Will the token be usable at the time of transfer? If yes, to what extent?

“Tokens will be usable for participating in various exclusive events, to buy artist tokens, and more. Certain use cases such as revenue sharing or trading tokens are only allowed after a minimum of 32 specified engagements are completed.” 

How and where can the token be acquired or sold after the token sale?

“Tokens can be bought and sold on ZapTheory’s in-house exchange. Tokens must be unlocked before they can be exchanged or transferred. The estimated date of the token sale is mid-spring 2021 –  We also anticipate listing the tokens on a DEX, such as Uniswap, following the token sale, but no date has yet been determined.”

Will it be possible to use the tokens to buy goods or services or make payments to third parties?

“Yes. The platform facilitates and provides various avenues for the token’s utility both at the time of launch and more new use cases constantly added as per the product development timeline.”

Are there plans for the Company to buy back tokens?

“Yes, for special cases. The buyback details will be shared in the months to come.”

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