Yuga Labs plans Web3 penetration with new appointment

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  • Yuga Labs plans Web3 penetration with new appointment
  • The company wants to launch Otherside in the gaming ecosystem
  • Yuga Labs sees gaming as a vital sector

Yuga Labs has started making inroads into the gaming ecosystem of Web3 with the latest appointment of its Chief Gaming Officer. According to the announcement, this appointment is the first ever by the company as it continues to pander to the requests of its users. Per the announcement, Spencer Tucker, the recently hired executive, will assume the role in the coming days. The announcement claims that Tucker will be in charge of gaming projects projected to launch on the Metaverse.

The company wants to launch Otherside in the gaming ecosystem

According to the statement from Yuga Labs, the company is presently mulling plans to actualize the launch of its gaming project, Otherside, in the Metaverse. At the start of the year, Otherside left a massive mark in the crypto market after it pooled in a total of $561 million in the first 24 hours it made its debut in the NFT sector.

It was launched in Ethereum and made a case at the top regarding transactions during that period. Tucked has previously had experience in the gaming field after leaving his role as the President of the Games division at Scopely and GREE. Asides from that, he was also the Vice President of the product department.

Yuga Labs sees gaming as a vital sector

In his reaction to the appointment, Tucker mentioned on LinkedIn that he was pleased with the appointment. He mentioned that Yuga Labs has been moving well in the market over the last few years, with the CryptoPunks NFT company also creating the Meebits NFT. Tucker opined that the future of gaming is in safe hands as he believes that giving players the right to create their experience will be a game changer in the gaming world.

Yuga Labs has reiterated over the last few months that it has recognized gaming as one of the vital aspects of the company and would focus on it in the next few years. It is a good feat for the company, which presently ranks in the top position in NFT collections. Yuga Labs is still growing, with the company recently completing a funding round that saw its valuation close to $4 billion. The company has also onboarded more than 60 employees since the start of 2022, with the total number projected to inch close to 100 before the end of the year.

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