YouTuber urges traders to continue hodling


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  • YouTuber advises traders to continue hodling
  • NasDaily suffered a $200,000 loss in the bear market
  • Yassin feels crypto is important in our daily life

YouTuber, Nuseir Yassin has urged crypto traders worldwide to continue hodling amid the bearish performances posted by the market. The famous YouTube sensation who goes by NasDaily has over 50 million followers across major social media platforms. According to NasDaily, he made a massive investment of $500,000 in Bitcoin before the market went bust. He was on hand to answer questions regarding his investments and the crypto market outlook at the recently concluded World Economic Forum.

Yassin suffered a $200,000 loss in the bear market

According to the famous YouTuber, his Bitcoin cache that he purchased right outside the bearish window is now worth around $300,000. In his statement, Yassin mentioned that he is not perturbed about the losses as he feels the market is trying to test his resolve. Despite his portfolio’s vast hit, NasDaily still has good words about the crypto market. According to him, there will be a way for the tokens in the market to eventually bounce back to make profits even if they all fall to zero.

He also mentioned that he believes that Bitcoin is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Yassin said that he bought that huge amount of Bitcoin during a period when he started talking more about the crypto sector. As of the period, Bitcoin was still flirting with $40,000, with analysts tipping the asset to push into the higher price levels.

The YouTuber feels crypto is important in our daily life

Although the YouTuber feels it is paramount to share real-life stories with his followers, crypto has become a much-talked-about item. He mentioned that through crypto, he had discovered a lot of problems that are there for solving in the coming years. He takes great pleasure in bringing wholesome crypto content to his followers. However, he did not mention whether the problems were financially related. He also joked that he does not want to underestimate the importance of crypto, and that is why his followers have a filled stomach with his crypto contents.

Unbothered about the hit his wallet has taken recently, the YouTuber has gone on to add more BTC to his portfolio. Yassin also advises traders to continue holding and be greedy about it. He mentioned that he looks up to Warren Buffet and has taken to the teachings of the billionaire regarding investments. The billionaire previously said that traders should learn how to show greed when others are scared of the market and vice versa. Yassin continues to develop his space with his eyes set on building one of the largest communities of crypto enthusiasts.

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