Youtube crypto purge returns: Sensationalism getting hit?

Youtube crypto purge returns Sensationalism getting hit

Youtube crypto purge is back, and this time, it appears that sensationalism is the main trigger. The purge was first reported by the famed technology and cryptocurrency Youtuber Ivan on Tech, followed by a number of others.

Despite the heavy cleaning out last time, it appears that there is at least some logic to the current cryptocurrency purging. Despite the fact that the last Youtube crypto purge had more to do with Financial Action Task Force (FATF) regulatory guidelines and overall inspections than Youtube guidelines, this may not just be the case this time.

Youtube Crypto purge on sensationalism?

Among the cryptocurrency Youtubers hit by the current series of Youtube crypto purge leading to strikes and bans stand the famed Crypto Wendy O, Chico Crypto, and others. This time the purge is including the live streams as well.

Ivan on Tech reported the strike on his Twitter account, completely baffled what hit him.

Despite what Ivan thinks, the title of the stream, “BITCOIN GOING VERTICAL!!! Halving IMPORTANT UPDATE” is shouting sensationalism when Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are already not in the Youtube good books. The trigger seems to be the result of a pushover rather than a biased ban.

At the same time, reportedly, Ivan had been promoting ByBit on this channel, which is not a well-reputed leverage trading platform; the chances were not very slim that Ivan would get the strike that banned him from live streaming on Youtube for three months.



Crypto Wendy O also received a strike while using a similar title that shouted out sensationalism on Youtube. It reads, “BITCOIN MASSIVE DROP INCOMING – TAKE PROFIT -…..”

The cryptocurrency community is also not fond of such tactics to make a profit off the affiliate programs while hurting the community. Director Wave Tech Tom Lombardi criticized Ivan with the words @teamyoutube please continue to block @ivanontech.

The last purge was the result of an algorithmic break, as the Youtube representatives came to call it, but this time. It appears the Youtube crypto purge on these channels is a direct consequence of content creators’ own doing.

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