Yellen: China remains unharmed by US controls


  • Yellen assures China that US investment controls will only focus on sensitive national security sectors.
  • Yellen emphasizes ongoing trade and economic cooperation between US and China, despite technology transfer issues.
  • She voices concern about coercive actions against US firms and China’s potential support for Russia.

Despite a tumultuous bilateral relationship fraught with multiple challenges, the United States maintains its commitment to the Chinese market. US Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, during her recent visit to Beijing, clarified that any prospective US investment controls would narrowly focus on sectors considered sensitive to national security.

Yet, these anticipated actions are not expected to inflict substantial damage to China’s economy. A consistent theme during Yellen’s meetings with Premier Li Qiang and her counterpart, He Lifeng, was an emphasis on future trade and economic collaboration between the two global giants.

The Highs and Lows of US-China Economic Collaboration

Yellen was keen to underscore the Biden administration’s efforts to stabilize relations with China, despite the mounting challenges over technology transfers.

Washington continues to scrutinize mechanisms to curb the possibility of US investments inadvertently aiding China’s military capabilities.

Yellen reassured her Chinese counterparts, asserting that the investment screening process would be stringently targeted at a select few sectors with explicit national security implications.

In addition to fostering mutual economic cooperation, Yellen emphasized the need for candid, high-level dialogues between the two nations, even in the face of discord.

This approach embodies a spirit of directness that, while acknowledging existing disagreements, does not shy away from the possibility of finding common ground in areas of mutual interest.

Addressing the Elephant in the Room

During her visit, Yellen broached an array of challenging subjects, from human rights to security concerns.

She expressed apprehension over increasing coercive tactics against American companies and emphasized the importance of Chinese firms refraining from assisting Russia in evading sanctions in the wake of the ongoing war against Ukraine.

Yellen’s visit coincided with a tepid economic rebound in China following the lifting of Covid controls. With growth forecasts of five percent this year appearing somewhat ambitious, given potential weaknesses in sectors such as property, the Chinese government finds itself in a predicament.

The strain in Sino-US relations exacerbates the situation, making it difficult for the nation to draw in foreign investment.

The Other Side of the Coin

China’s official media response to Yellen’s visit was subdued yet appreciative of the pragmatic and constructive dialogues.

However, the nation expressed concerns about the US administration’s approach of generalizing national security issues, which it deems detrimental to normal economic and trade exchanges.

China, nevertheless, remains optimistic about the potential for brighter days in US-China relations. The Global Times quoted Premier Li Qiang expressing hope for ‘rainbows’ following the storms of ‘wind and rain.’

In essence, Yellen’s visit signifies the complex dynamic between these two world powers.

While on the one hand, the US grapples with its concerns about China’s potential misuse of American investment, on the other hand, China’s economic recovery hinges heavily on foreign capital, a significant portion of which has historically been from the United States.

The visit marks an opportunity for the two nations to navigate the delicate balance between national security and economic cooperation, demonstrating that even amid all the highs and lows, they can still seek common ground in trade and economic cooperation.

China, it seems, remains unscathed by US controls, for now.

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