Yeezy 2020 – What Kanye West for President means for Bitcoin


When Americans were busy celebrating the 4th of July, a ‘Kanye West for President’ tweet took everyone by surprise. Rapper Kanye West dropped the bombshell on Independence Day by announcing that he would be running in the 2020 presidential race. It seems 2020 still has many surprises up its sleeves.


Kanye’s White House bid, though, wasn’t shocking since the rapper has been dropping hints in the last few years. The candidacy has not been confirmed officially and going by his past record of public announcements; his audience isn’t taking it seriously. But surprisingly, Elon Musk immediately extended his support by responding positively to Kanye’s tweet.

He holds positive crypto sentiments, and thus ‘Kanye West for President‘ bid does mean a lot for the crypto community.

Kanye West for President – Sounds strange but not impossible

If the Yeezy 2020 campaign does happen, in all likelihood, it would be very viral indeed. His huge fan base and anti-Trump stance can earn him considerable votes. His stand on crypto, though, is far clearer as he has tweeted in support of the decentralized industry many times over.

Back in April 2018, he tweeted the word ‘decentralize’ and gave the crypto industry a taste of things to come. Afterward, Kanye was interviewed by the TMZ magazine in May 2018, where the rapper shared his positive views about Bitcoin. By now, his credentials as a crypto fan were well established.


However, it was the much-hyped American $20 bill featuring abolitionist Harriet Tubman that drove him into Bitcoin’s arms. Dubbed as ‘politically correct’ by the American President Donald Trump, the proposed bill won’t be launched in 2020. Ever since it was announced, the bill has only attracted controversy among the masses. Kanye has said that the bill is a dark reminder of slavery days, and he rather wants to use Bitcoin.

There’s a shortage of crypto supporters in the American Congress. His stance on crypto would surely win him some votes from the crypto community. Suddenly it looks like Kanye West for President campaign can be serious after all.

If he is serious, Kanye has a lot of ground to cover

With the two most prominent presidential candidates already locked in a battle of wits, Kanye has a lot of competition in front of him. Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate, is leading the race. His views on Bitcoin are not clear.

Whether he files nomination as an independent or joins a political party, he has a lot of ground to cover. To put his name next to Trump or Biden, he needs an experienced political team besides lots of funding to run king-size ‘Kanye West for President’ campaigns.

American politics is unpredictable. As opinions pour in about Yeezy 2020, Kanye West for President is one interesting phrase to dwell upon.

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