Xwing and Daedalean Join Forces to Accelerate Certification of AI in Aviation


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  • Xwing and Daedalean AG are partnering to fast-track AI in aviation, prioritizing safety with FAA and EASA support.
  • Both companies, known for their AI certification expertise, aim to enhance aviation safety through knowledge sharing.
  • Xwing provides adaptable aviation autonomy, while Daedalean AG focuses on safety-critical AI, uniting innovation and safety.

In a significant development for the aviation industry, Xwing and Daedalean AG have announced a formal collaboration aimed at advancing the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) in aviation while ensuring safety standards are met. The partnership between Xwing, a leading supplier of modular autonomy technology, and Daedalean AG, a developer of safety-critical and certifiable AI systems, is set to pave the way for the integration of AI-driven solutions into the cockpit of civil aviation. 

This collaboration comes as both companies work closely with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) to certify their software, with a shared vision of enhancing safety and innovation in the industry.

A paradigm shift in aviation safety

The aviation industry has long been exploring the possibilities of integrating AI and machine learning into aircraft systems to improve situational awareness and flight control. However, one significant challenge has been the certification of safety-critical AI applications for aviation. As of now, no machine learning-based safety-critical applications have been deployed in civil aviation cockpits. This hurdle necessitates a paradigm shift in how software and hardware have traditionally been assessed and certified for safety in aviation.

Recognizing the complexities and regulatory challenges, Xwing and Daedalean AG have come together to collaborate on data sharing, knowledge exchange, and process alignment in the field of machine learning and AI. This partnership aims to accelerate the time-to-market for AI-driven aviation technologies while ensuring that safety standards are not compromised. The companies believe that forming a consensus on assurance approaches and sharing information is the most effective way to develop certification standards that can lead to increased safety in aviation.

Luuk van Dijk, the co-Founder and CEO of Daedalean, emphasized the importance of this collaborative effort, stating, “With this shared undertaking, we will be able to demonstrate that increasing safety is driving innovation and that a collaborative approach to harmonize regulations and standards ensures that best practices are universally adopted.”

Award-winning certification approaches

Both Xwing and Daedalean AG have already made significant strides in addressing the certification challenges associated with AI-based systems in aviation. They have each published award-winning papers outlining their respective approaches to certification. Xwing’s “Formal and Practical Elements for the Certification of Machine Learning Systems” and Daedalean’s “Concepts of Design Assurance for Neural Networks” series have contributed valuable insights to the field. 

The collaborative efforts between these companies are expected to further drive progress toward establishing acceptable means of compliance with regulatory standards.

Maxime Gariel, President and CTO of Xwing, highlighted the philosophy of data sharing and collaboration, stating, “The collaboration underscores a philosophy of sharing data, knowledge, and processes toward certification for the industry as a whole as we work closely with regulators.”

Xwing, founded in 2016, is based in Northern California, with offices in San Francisco and Concord. It is a renowned supplier of modular autonomy technology for aviation, offering adaptable systems designed to integrate with a wide range of aircraft. Xwing’s technology enables the safe operation of ground-supervised, uncrewed aircraft in any airspace, making it a pivotal player in the future of aviation.

Daedalean AG, also founded in 2016, has offices in both the European Union and the United States. The company boasts a team of over 150 experts, including 15 PhDs and 19 pilots, with expertise spanning machine learning, aviation-grade software, computing hardware engineering, flight testing, safety assessment, and certification. Daedalean AG is at the forefront of developing safety-critical and certifiable AI systems for aviation.

A collaborative drive towards certification

Xwing and Daedalean AG’s collaboration marks a significant step toward the integration of AI and machine learning in civil aviation. Their shared commitment to safety, innovation, and regulatory compliance reflects the industry’s determination to unlock the potential of AI while maintaining the highest standards of safety. 

As both companies continue to work with aviation regulators, industry stakeholders, and the public, they aim to expedite the certification of AI systems, paving the way for a safer and more technologically advanced aviation future.

Stay tuned for further developments in this exciting partnership as Xwing and Daedalean AG work together to shape the future of aviation through AI.

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