Is XRP investment the best cryptocurrency for beginners?

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TL;DR Breakdown

  • Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, XRP worthy investments.
  • XRP is the most affordable and promising crypto option.
  • XRP has leapt up in price recently.

Is XRP investment the best cryptocurrency for beginners?

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As someone who is avidly exploring and writing about the crypto world, I see it as wise to invest in a cryptocurrency. I have come to see how profitable the crypto world can be with most coins soaring up in price.

Reflecting on the journey that Bitcoin has taken is encouraging because when it started, it was worth 0 pounds and, now people can buy mortgages and pay off their student loans with BTC. BTC has become too expensive for some to reap the rewards but, it gives hope to all the other altcoins.

There is hope that the altcoins can go from whatever they are worth now and propel to greater figures. With the recent increase in demand for cryptocurrencies, there is certainly a good chance that more and more people will continue to adopt the crypto coins and we will see their prices rise to incredible rates too.

Some coins such as Ripple XRP, Ethereum and Litecoin have more potential than others because of how relevant they are. Ethereum is promising as its slowly launching its ETH 2.0, while Litecoin is a more efficient and environmentally friendly version of BTC and we all want to save the environment.

The only issue with the above coins is they are worth more than $100. For newbies who like me are fresh out of University looking for something cheap but oozing with potential Ripple XRP is the best way to go.

The Ripple coin is worth $0.522 at the time of writing 21:30 GMT.

The Ripple price

Is XRP investment the best cryptocurrency for beginners? 1

Recently Ripple has been showing some promising bullish action. The candles are operating mostly in the higher expectation level of the Bollinger Bands.

By late December the coin had catapulted up to the resistance level of $0.79 before slowing down a little. Ripple changed from being a consistent coin to one that can gallop to higher prices like Bitcoin did when it launched.

CBDC future

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The change in Ripple lately has come from it promoting a Central Bank Digital Currency future where the coin can help CBDC’s wrap their coins for exchange. Ripple is fostering a relationship with banks and offering its exchange services too.

CBDC’s are becoming more likely due to the Chinese digital Yuan, US banks crypto services and Canada among many others announcing they will go CBDC within the coming years.

If you are starting as an investor and want to get your teeth in with minimal risk, XRP is a great way to start. You can save the money that you have no use for, that extra pound or two that is not going to be productive.

Usually, we so willingly spend a pound or two on unnecessary snacks. XRP is worth your change because if the world continues to progress into CBDC territory, then XRP will be all many people will be talking about and, that change will fund your Mortgage.

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