xRapid gains momentum in banking with integration at Euro Exim

Ripple may just be the true example of slow but steady growth as it acquires a new milestone in its outreach development through its first and foremost banking partner Euro Exim bank.

The currency platform xRapid is set for immediate launch on the banking platform. The head of compliance at the Euro Exim Bank revealed in a media interview that xRapid is set to roll out since the bank is more just interested in rolling out the digital asset based program to power their services.

Graham Bright, the bank staffer, expressed that the bank is keen to leverage blockchain technology in order to provide a flawless, secure and “frictionless” platform to their customer base spread in over eighty (80) countries in Europe and Asia among other continents.

What does it mean for xRapid?

xRapid is the Ripple based international payment service that allows cross-border payments. Euro Exim bank has its operation in more than eighty (80) countries, and that is a huge platform for xRapid to grow beyond the current market expectations.

Some experts believe that if blockchain and cryptocurrency based solution continue to grow at the current rate they would soon overpower the currently implemented standard solution SWIFT network. The network is prone to mistakes and Euro Exim is among the banks looking to reduce errors such as lost transactions.