Renowned writer Robert Kiyosaki’s Bitcoin crash plan


  • Kiyosaki views crashes as investment opportunities.
  • He prioritizes buying during market downturns.
  • Bitcoin holds more trust than the Federal Reserve.

Renowned entrepreneur, investor, and author Robert Kiyosaki, best known for his seminal work “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” has taken to social media to address inquiries regarding his stance on Bitcoin amidst market crashes. 

In a recent tweet, Kiyosaki shared his response to the frequently asked question about his actions in the event of a Bitcoin price collapse. His candid response sheds light on his investment philosophy and approach to volatile market conditions.

Kiyosaki’s bold stance on Bitcoin crash

Addressing concerns about a potential Bitcoin crash, Kiyosaki boldly declared his intentions, stating that if the cryptocurrency were to experience a significant downturn, he would view it as an opportunity rather than a setback. 

He emphasized his readiness to capitalize on market fluctuations by increasing his Bitcoin holdings once the price stabilizes after a crash. For Kiyosaki, a market downturn presents an enticing prospect to acquire assets at discounted prices, echoing his belief in the adage “buy low, sell high.”

Kiyosaki’s approach market crash: A buying opportunity

Kiyosaki’s approach to market crashes extends beyond Bitcoin, encompassing other valuable assets such as gold and silver. He views market downturns as lucrative sales events, allowing investors to acquire assets at reduced prices. 

This mindset reflects his contrarian investment philosophy, which emphasizes seizing opportunities during periods of market distress. Kiyosaki’s willingness to leverage market volatility aligns with his overarching strategy of building wealth through strategic asset allocation and opportunistic buying.

Bitcoin vs. Federal Reserve: Kiyosaki’s critique

In addition to discussing his response to potential Bitcoin crashes, Kiyosaki has been vocal about his skepticism towards the U.S. Federal Reserve system. In scathing remarks aimed at the Fed, Kiyosaki criticized the institution for exacerbating wealth inequality and favoring the interests of financial elites. He lambasted the Fed for its role in perpetuating economic disparities, accusing it of prioritizing bailouts for “rich banking friends” at the expense of the broader population. Kiyosaki’s critique underscores his disillusionment with traditional financial institutions and his preference for decentralized alternatives like Bitcoin.

Market predictions and contrarian views

Kiyosaki’s bold predictions about market crashes and Bitcoin‘s future trajectory have drawn both admiration and skepticism from observers. Despite facing criticism for his prognostications, Kiyosaki remains steadfast in his convictions, often reiterating his warnings of an impending market downturn. 

His perspectives resonate with fellow Bitcoin advocates, including Max Keiser, who shares similar forecasts of a stock market crash and Bitcoin’s ascent to staggering price levels. While some may dismiss Kiyosaki’s predictions as alarmist, others view them as a prescient assessment of prevailing economic conditions.

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