Worldcoin surges 10% in 24 hours, outperforming Bitcoin and Ethereum


  • Worldcoin’s 10% surge in 24 hours showcases its potential in the crypto market.
  • Technical indicators suggest an 80% rally for Worldcoin, targeting $6.30.
  • Worldcoin’s adaptable approach in India highlights its commitment to global expansion.

Cryptocurrency Worldcoin (WLD/USD) has experienced a remarkable surge, outperforming Bitcoin and Ethereum, with a 10% increase in value over the last 24 hours. This impressive rally has captured the attention of crypto enthusiasts and analysts, with technical indicators pointing towards a potential bullish trend for the digital asset.

Worldcoin’s bullish momentum and India’s strategy

Cryptocurrency analyst Ali Martinez has shed light on Worldcoin’s recent bullish movement, highlighting a potentially significant development in the market. According to the analyst, Worldcoin shows signs of a breakout from a bull flag pattern on its 4-hour chart. 

If this breakout is confirmed, it could pave the way for an 80% rally in Worldcoin’s value, targeting a price of $6.30 per token. This assessment has generated optimism among investors and traders, as they closely monitor Worldcoin’s price movements.

In operational news, Worldcoin has strategically decided to temporarily scale back the deployment of its offline orb verification feature for users in India. This move comes as the company adjusts its approach to accommodate local conditions and expectations. 

The offline orb verification feature relies on a unique device known as the Orb, which resembles a chromatic helmet weighing five pounds. This device is designed to scan individuals’ eyeballs for identity verification purposes.

The decision to scale back this service in India is expected to be temporary, with plans to relaunch it in 2024. The Orb system, despite its unconventional appearance, serves a vital role in onboarding individuals in areas where conventional identification methods may be scarce or nonexistent. 

Worldcoin’s decision to adapt to local circumstances reflects the company’s commitment to providing efficient and user-friendly solutions in diverse global markets.

Worldcoin’s impressive performance

Worldcoin’s recent surge in value underscores its potential as a dynamic player in the cryptocurrency market. While Bitcoin and Ethereum continue to dominate the space, Worldcoin’s ability to outperform these giants highlights the cryptocurrency’s appeal to traders and investors seeking alternative opportunities. Its unique features, combined with the recent technical indicators pointing towards a bullish trend, make it an asset worth watching closely.

As the cryptocurrency landscape evolves, industry experts and enthusiasts will closely monitor Worldcoin’s strategic decisions and market performance. The company’s commitment to adapting its services to local conditions, such as in India, demonstrates its agility and determination to expand its global footprint.

 Additionally, as suggested by technical analysis, Worldcoin’s potential for an 80% rally raises intriguing possibilities for investors seeking high-reward opportunities in the crypto space.

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