With Regulation, Bitcoin has a great future – Winklevoss Twins

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are the founders of Gemini and Bitcoin evangelists believe that Bitcoin can have a great future provided being regulated as per banking norms. They have a conception that if the cryptocurrency which is being the most popular crypto around the world, Bitcoin can be regulated following the banking regulations and style in which banks regulates currencies, the crypto can get a huge boost and become a major currency in the globe.

On 13th of January, the twin was interviewed by the Fortune Group where they said that the recent market and regulatory structure of the cryptocurrency space is hindering the growth of the industry as a whole. If the market can be regulated, then the best outcomes can be expected. This twin has been in the eyes for their notable contribution towards the field of cryptocurrency. They have their input in developing and shaping the crypto space and sector. They found Gemini Exchange which is a crypto-brokerage firm and a regulated one in the year 2014 and launched various other related services under the same firm.

Last week, it was the tenth year of Bitcoin, and on occasion, this twin advertised about their firm and newly developed mobile application of Gemini Exchange. This is also a move believed to be taken to crush the rival BitMEX. The best efforts are made by this twin as they launched education services for spreading knowledge and awareness about cryptocurrencies and the market.

The chose the most popular platform of the New York Times to advertise their products and services. They titled the ad with “Revolutions Need Rules,” and this makes clear of their intention to keep the authorities happy and also to deal in a legit manner. The twins have all kinds of necessary certificates and license to run the exchange however they offer only a selected number of the cryptocurrencies.