With launch of new PayPal Commerce Platform, businesses to tap its 277 million plus active user base

PayPal, the global online payment system that supports online money transactions, has reportedly launched the PayPal Commerce Platform, which will enable its more than two hundred and seventy-seven million subscribers to accept more than a hundred currencies.

PayPal Commerce Platform, labeled as the all-in-one global solution is likely to leverage the power of PayPal. The platform will supposedly simplify doing business by enabling easy onboarding, simplified global compliance, flexible payouts and disbursements, advanced fraud Protection, and by supporting easy integration.

Lately, there have been tremendous developments in the field of global digital commerce. Along with a significant rise in non-cash transactions, there has been an increase in the sale of mobiles, which consequently boosted online shopping. General Data Protection Regulation (GDRP) and Open Banking regulations are creating an environment where anybody could easily navigate. These variables are likely to create an ideal opportunity for emerging digital commerce services of the world to flourish in this rapidly changing world.

The American company PayPal has been successfully operating for the last twenty years and is considered a trustworthy service in the online transaction industry. Buyers and sellers from all over the world recognize PayPal as a reliable and safe way to transfer money online.

Hence, the reason why many of the leading platforms of the world, such as Instagram, Facebook Marketplace, Yahoo! Small Business, Big Commerce, Grailed, Lightspeed, Prestashop and Shopware, are all set to engage with this trusted network via the PayPal Commerce Platform.