Wirex Travel cards to support 150 currencies including crypto

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Wirex has introduced multi-currency Visa travel cards that support both digital and fiat currencies.

Wirex travel cards: Crypto and fiat controlled through one card

Wirex is a firm focusing on Digital payments; the platform provides solutions for both digital and fiat currencies. Now the firm has launched a VISA travel card that supports 150 currencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, among numerous other altcoins. The company announced the news through a Twitter post.

The travel card will be available across the Asia-Pacific region. The service also offers rewards for in-store purchases. The service returns 1.5 percent of the spent amount in Bitcoins to later spend on traveling.

Wirex users will be able to enjoy the offer without paying any fees. This is to attract users that are still sitting on the fence regarding the project. There is a one percent monthly fee for owners of the company’s crypto debit card, while Wirex users can enjoy the same service for free.

The company expressed their excitement at the project by saying that it is “delighted” to offer the service across the multitude of countries. The platform wants to allow users to take hold of all their assets, including crypto assets under one easy to use travelcard.

Wirex has acquired an e-money license from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The license allows it to operate freely and strengthens its position in the markets.

Crypto debit cards bridge the gap between fiat and virtual assets by allowing users to spend their assets on the go. Digital assets are converted to fiat and used as such hence sparing the merchants from dealing with the volatility of the assets.

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Ahmad Asghar

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