Wipro and NVIDIA Forge Alliance to Revolutionize Healthcare with AI


  • Wipro and NVIDIA have partnered to integrate advanced AI technology into healthcare solutions, enhancing member experience and operational efficiency.
  • The collaboration focuses on using NVIDIA’s AI platform for developing custom AI models in areas like speech and translation, aiming to transform healthcare services.
  • This initiative includes training for Wipro engineers at an AI Center of Excellence and will lead to innovative AI-driven transformations in the healthcare industry.

In a landmark development for healthcare technology, Wipro has announced a strategic collaboration with NVIDIA. This partnership is set to revolutionize the healthcare sector by accelerating the adoption of generative artificial intelligence (AI). Focused on implementing NVIDIA’s cutting-edge AI technologies across Wipro’s healthcare solutions, this collaboration aims to enhance various aspects of healthcare management, including member experiences, enrolment processes, and claims adjudication.

Enhancing healthcare solutions through AI

Central to this collaboration is Wipro’s commitment to integrating NVIDIA AI Enterprise software into its existing healthcare solution offerings. These solutions span critical areas such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Medicare, and Medicaid. The integration of AI is anticipated to streamline operations, leading to increased efficiency, deeper member insights, and improved operational effectiveness. These advancements are expected to set new benchmarks in healthcare service delivery, particularly in the utilization of large language models (LLMs) for more precise and effective healthcare management.

NVIDIA’s AI platform, renowned for its proficiency in generative, speech, and translation AI, will be a cornerstone of this initiative. This platform includes tools such as NVIDIA NeMo Riva and the NVIDIA DGX platform, integral to building and customizing AI models for healthcare applications. The alliance between Wipro’s Enterprise Generative AI (WeGA) framework and NVIDIA’s AI solutions will facilitate the co-development and deployment of bespoke models, enhancing speech and translation AI capabilities.

Driving digital transformation in healthcare

This collaboration is more than a mere integration of technology; it represents a significant stride toward comprehensive digital transformation in the healthcare sector. Wipro has a history of developing AI-first enterprise offerings in healthcare, leveraging NVIDIA’s AI platform. These offerings range from advanced billing and enrolment solutions to innovative approaches in claims processing and provider data accuracy.

Wipro’s roadmap includes further development of NVIDIA-powered solutions, with a focus on automating the software development lifecycle. This strategy aims to expedite both digital and business transformation processes. A notable aspect of this collaboration is establishing an AI Center of Excellence. Here, Wipro engineers will undergo extensive training in NVIDIA’s application frameworks, encompassing generative AI, the metaverse, conversational AI, and data analytics. This training is expected to catalyze the development of custom solutions, further enhancing Wipro’s service offerings.

The impact of this partnership is already being felt in the transformation of the contact center experience in healthcare. By harnessing generative, speech, and translation AI, Wipro enables more accurate, contextual, and personalized responses to patient care needs. This approach utilizes patients’ medical records, claim history, and provider information to deliver timely and relevant support.

Leaders’ perspectives on the AI-driven future

Executives from both Wipro and NVIDIA have expressed their enthusiasm for this joint venture. Nagendra Bandaru, President, and Managing Partner at Wipro Enterprise Futuring, emphasized the collaboration’s potential to develop scalable AI solutions. He highlighted how this partnership could unlock the power of generative AI in healthcare, driving innovation and business transformation at scale.

From NVIDIA’s perspective, Manuvir Das, Vice President of Enterprise Computing, pointed out the eagerness among companies to integrate multilingual and voice-enabled AI into their business applications. He stressed that NVIDIA’s AI platform is designed to support Wipro’s commitment to delivering advanced, secure, and reliable AI technology and services.

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