Will Europe ever be able to match US’s growth momentum?

Will Europe ever be able to match US's growth momentum?


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  • The US economy grew by 3.3% in Q4 2023, surpassing expectations and other advanced economies.
  • Europe struggles with under-investment, aging population, and regulatory hurdles.
  • The EU needs significant investment to close the technology gap with the US and become more self-reliant.
  • Europe is losing capital to the US and has lower public investment rates.

Picture this: the world’s been trying to shake off the economic hangover the pandemic left us with, right? And here’s the US, catwalking ahead of the pack like it’s got a secret stash of energy drinks. While Europe and others are still trying to find their feet, the US is all guns blazing with its economy booming, jobs everywhere, and inflation taking a back seat.

So, last quarter of 2023, the US GDP did a little victory dance, jumping up 3.3% when the smart folks with their calculators and fancy degrees were only expecting a 2% bump. That’s like expecting a small pizza and getting a giant one with extra toppings. Over the whole year, the US economy grew by 2.5%, leaving other advanced economies eating its dust. And guess what? It’s not planning on slowing down anytime soon in 2024.

Ryan Sweet, a big brain at Oxford Economics, basically said the US economy is humming a tune while others can’t even find their voice. But why? How’s the US doing its magic trick? Well, it’s a mix of a few things:

  1. Cash Splash: When COVID-19 turned the world into a ghost town, the US government didn’t just sit there; it threw cash around like confetti at a wedding. We’re talking a $2.2 trillion stimulus bill that made it rain on workers, families, and businesses. And then they did it again. And again. A whopping $5 trillion went everywhere, from unemployed folks to local transit looking sad without commuters.
  2. Job Fiesta: Even with prices going nuts, Americans had jobs to go to. The unemployment rate hugged the floor at below 4% for a while, and wages even saw a bit of a hike, especially for the folks not rolling in dough.
  3. Energy Coolness: The US being able to sell more energy than it buys turned out to be a superpower, especially when energy prices went through the roof after Russia decided to throw a wrench in the works with Ukraine. Europe, on the other hand, got a double whammy from the pandemic and then the energy crisis, especially places like Germany that were cozy with Russian gas.

Now, flipping the coin to Europe, it’s a bit of a sob story. The US is sprinting, and Europe’s kinda tripping over its own feet trying to catch up. They’ve got this big dream of going green and being self-sufficient, but it’s like they’re trying to ride a bike for the first time without training wheels.

Europe’s got a laundry list of issues: it’s not investing enough, its population is getting older faster than a Netflix series drops new seasons, and despite having a single market, it’s still not smooth sailing for labor, capital, and goods to move around. And the clock’s ticking, so Europe needs a boatload of cash to not just catch up but also jump on the green and tech bandwagon without losing its shirt.

And when it comes to doing business, only Denmark’s giving the US a run for its money in terms of ease, with Italy trailing behind countries you wouldn’t expect. Energy costs are through the roof, and businesses are screaming for help to not get left in the dust.

So, while the US is partying it up with its economy, Europe’s trying to figure out how to not let the lights go out. The EU’s talking a big game about becoming a single market powerhouse, but it’s like herding cats with countries clinging to their old ways. And even if they manage to get it together, it’s not a magic fix for being less appealing for business compared to the US.

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