Why Shavo supports Web 3.0 when Elon Musk won’t

  • Elon Musk calls Web 3.0 total BS with no further explanation.
  • Shavo, SOAD bassist, partners with Forward Protocol in support of Web 3.0
  • Forward Protocol’s IBO and SHO are curtain raisers for the massive adoption of blockchain.

Elon Musk recently caused uproar after tweeting that Web 3.0 – the technology looking to bring a fairer decentralized internet and true sovereignty to internet users – was total “BS”.  Musk didn’t expand on why he sees no real vision in Web 3.0. 

The business magnate’s comments might have discouraged blockchain enthusiasts from getting on the Web3 hype train, as has been the case when he has tweeted about Bitcoin or Dogecoin. Well, one enthusiast who’s all in with Web 3.0 is Shavo Odadjian – iconic bassist and member of heavy metal band System Of A Down (SOAD). 

Shavo recently partnered with Forward Protocol, an upcoming cross-chain compatible startup with Web 3.0 capabilities looking to disrupt the blockchain space as we know it. After raising $1.25 million in its funding rounds, Forward Protocol also launched an SHO and IBO on DAOmaker and Mahastarter for its native token $FORWARD.

So what makes Shavo a Web 3.0 enthusiast despite naysayers such as Musk calling the Web3 hype “nuttier than ‘99”?

Web 3.0 is more than a buzz word

We’ve heard crypto bulls get all lyrical about decentralization on blockchain networks and how this has helped transform the internet through the last decade. Well, Web 3.0 takes this to the next level by decentralizing the entire internet – talk of social media Dapps or modular blockchains that onboard any apps without any code required, among other infinite possibilities. 

Developers believe that Web3 is here to solve some of the major issues associated with Web 2.0 centralization. 

Web 2.0 is the internet as we know it – the web as a platform with centralized search engines, blogs, and social networks, among other platforms. The main issue with Web 2.0 is its centralization, as evidenced by the domination of a few centralized apps that collect and exploit user data without any meaningful consent.

Web 3.0 technology allows for full decentralization through distributed ledgers and WordPress-like blockchains that give users customizable blockchain tools. 

Forward Protocol’s partnership with Shavo transforms the music industry

Forward Protocol is looking to create the foundation for the broader adoption of blockchain across multiple industries. The blockchain’s WordPress environment allows any business to join its ecosystem without requiring any new code — just simple drag and drop, and you have full access to the protocol’s customizable smart contracts.

Partnering with Shavo will help Forward Protocol showcase how its ecosystem can streamline the music industry by removing fraudulent intermediaries. Integrating creative arts with blockchain technology will decentralize the whole industry – from promoting transparency in royalty payments and better music promotions avenues to curbing the use of counterfeit tickets in live events. 

Even better, with Forward Protocol’s WordPress-like modular ecosystem, artists don’t need any technical experience to create blockchain apps that suit their businesses. That said, Shavo might have been appealed most by Forward Protocol’s Initial Value Offering (IVO) smart contracts – a crowd-funding model that suits musicians who put lots of investment into music projects and tours without a guarantee on the ROI.

Forward Protocol could be the gateway to #blockchainadoption with WordPress for #Web3, customizable, no-code, drag & drop. The team has already announced the IBO and SHO for its native token $FORWARD. The token’s IBO will be launched on MahaStarter on Dec 14th at $0.005 while the SHO will take place on DAO Maker on Dec 13th. They also have a Community Round where 50 lucky users will win $100 – register here to participate.

You can follow all the latest news on Forward Protocol on their social media channels:

Jasmine Georgia

Jasmine Georgia

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