Why PTOY is Colossal to the Blockchain and Healthcare Ecosystem

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Patientory token (PTOY) is a digital cryptocurrency that powers and secures the PTOYMatrix network blockchain and permits health information exchange. The PTOYMatrix network blockchain promotes data integrity and lessens transactional and operational expenses. This system reduces the conflict of third‑party go-betweens in maintaining healthcare information. Together, the PTOYMatrix blockchain network and PTOY token constitutes the Patientory software platform, which goes by the same name as the Dapp. 

PTOY is the instrument for maintaining the PTOYMatrix network infrastructure. The primary usage of the token is to monitor network storage allocation, healthcare quality standards, and revenue payment periods.

PTOY – The numbers

The maximum supply of PTOY is 100,020,000 tokens. The current circulating supply is 84,237,014 tokens. The price per token as of 15th July 2021 is $0.01670217. There are 4,060 PTOY tokens holders, including DEXs and centralized exchanges. The circulating market cap is $1,407,070, and the fully diluted market cap is $1,670,403.    

PTOY and PTOYMatrix

PTOYMatrix blockchain network facilitates health information exchange and provides a data storage system in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The network PTOY token grants every entity access to the PTOYMatrix network blockchain. In addition, the tokens facilitate data exchange among network users and enforce security.   

PTOY as payment 

Users get an allotted amount of space to save data for free on the PTOYMatrix blockchain network. PTOY allows them to buy additional storage space from nodes established in hospital systems. Users can buy PTOY tokens from cryptocurrency exchanges.

Healthcare enterprises utilize PTOY in this instance as well. They can also use them to make payments once smart contracts are accomplished with healthcare insurance organizations and coordinate value-based model metrics.

PTOY as compensation

The United States is looking to migrate from the fee-for-service model to the present value-based model. For this to happen, there has to be healthcare IT support that helps organizations to connect the quality, worth, and efficiency of medical interventions through a reputable compensation model.

Compensation will be based on the efficiency of the provider system and how it delivers improvement in health, wellness and care results while simultaneously diminishing correlated care costs. A merit-based compensation of distributed savings helps incentivize participants in the system to build more reliable care administrations proactively.

The system is also designed to proportionately reward the care providers that contribute the most to developing the system in PTOY tokens. The PTOYMatrix blockchain network ensures precise participation tracking using smart contracts on the blockchain system.

PTOY beyond compensation

Another consequence of the new healthcare standard is the compensation model wherein the providers can obtain extra compensation beyond the care provided. This compensation is the cumulation of the costs saved in providing care for the patient.

As part of the shared savings feature of the new healthcare standard, any expenses cut through efficient patient care and administration are rerouted back to the care providers and their partners.

Moving forward with PTOY

In return for PTOY tokens, users will be allowed to use the system to hire health data storage space and perform health-specific smart contract transactions and payments.

The platform strongly believes that utilizing a token is the most suitable payment method to sustain this foundation for the foreseeable future. The future is a vibrant environment of many tokens, through which healthcare will put a closed-loop payment network in place.

The outcome will be an effective and positive feedback loop with essential reductions in billions of dollars currently assigned to healthcare payment scams.

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