Whiteblock and Splunk join hands for Ethereum data analytics

Whiteblock and Splunk join hands for Ethereum data analytics

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Whiteblock and Splunk have partnered to deliver Ethereum data analytics in real-time. Whiteblock Genesis is a Web3 space development platform, and Splunk is a machine learning firm specializing in data analytics. The collaboration will see them working together to churn out innovative Ethereum-based data analysis to benefit the decentralized community.

The integration will provide Genesis users with much more profound insights. They will be able to extract in-depth insights of Ethereum data on their Genesis testnet and explore their Splunk data extensively.

Whiteblock and Splunk to churn out innovative data analytics

San Francisco based Splunk is a well-known name in the machine learning industry. It delivers innovative data analytics solutions for extensive volume data processing. Their ‘Data to Everything’ platform is renowned to provide bulk data processing solutions to the general masses. The real-time data insights are ideal for organizations of any size and scope.

The ‘Splunk Connect for Ethereum’ will be integrated with the Whiteblock Genesis platform. The resultant platform will help deliver Web3 space solutions for shared vision insights and goals. Users can create and operate output connections and blockchain nodes using a command-line interface in Splunk ethlogger. The same module can be used for granular control management and environment variables. Furthermore, users are given simple ethlogger configuration controls identical to Whiteblock’s Genesis.

Whiteblock and Splunk collaboration to also help expand the user base

Whiteblock and Splunk have joined hands to not only boost technical progress. They also want to expand their user base by delivering a coherent solution that benefits users of both these platforms. Genesis users can now access their Splunk data from within the Genesis platform and get more meaningful insights.

Realm time data testing can be done quickly using both Genesis and Splunk platforms. Whiteblock team is also working towards generating Splunk data logs within the Genesis platform itself. Both teams are actively promoting the newfound partnership solution to expand their user base.

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