What’s the buzz about the Cryptopolitan International Financial Awards (CPIFA) 2021?

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Customers constantly seek companies boasting four or five stars in ratings or with a “Best Of” award under their belts. In this type of environment, any business must gain recognition for its outstanding achievements and innovative services or products in order to distinguish themselves from competitors. As a renowned marketer quipped, “Trust is Everything”.

A movie buff, I avidly watch each and every major film nominated for an Academy Award, fully trusting these films have undergone the scrutiny of credible judges, and a nomination is already a sign of credibility.They are, by the simple virtue of their selection, the creme of the crop.

Although not everyone agrees with the choices for the final winners, we become acquainted with lesser known actors and actresses by their acclaimed portrayal, as the jurors had voted. Thus, these award-winning nominations and achievements influence public acceptance, and consequently, affects the box office success of every performer.   

But how about in business?

Business or industry awards are similarly important in the crypto industry where there is tough competition for new customers. A suitable award for your company can be difficult, but using an outside source may help the process. Your PR partner may be able to suggest awards to pursue, or you can do research using online tools to find information about a variety of award programs. The idea here is to be among the best of the best and see if you still shine. Or gain TRUST, a huge factor in gaining more adherents.

The concept of the Cryptopolitan International Financial Awards (CPIFA) 2021 – which launches today – is along the same track. The award winners are chosen by voting after a stringent process to ensure that everyone gains from the particular award, not just the winner of the award. Although huge differences of opinion are likely to occur among the judges, the emerging winners become the year’s standard. That’s a tough burden to carry, both for the judges and the winners.

Recognition must first be acknowledged among peers, indicating that the nominee is already renowned in a range of more traditional financial categories to a large blockchain and cryptocurrency innovative bracket. Aside from that, the nominees must be known for their contribution to their particular sector, and to worldwide economic upliftment, in general.

What makes the CPIFA 2021 Prestigious?

Each category of the prestigious award not only ensures that a consistent series of set standards will be met at that level by individuals/corporations for a certain length of time, but also will be exceeded at a certain level. Whether you are a provider, adviser or performing any of those roles in financial publications or corporations, you represent the apex of dynamism, diverse offerings and scope within the financial industry right now.

  • Independent awarding body of industry’s influencers
  • Established assessment processes and practice
  • Monitor and review by professional researchers 
  • Automated panel screening and internal voting procedures 
  • Effective benchmarked quality assurance procedures

What’s the quality criteria for CPIFA 2021 awardees?

Those nominated to receive the CPIFA are chosen through a series of consultative and evaluative processes in which CP registered supporters, bonafide community representatives,  industry representatives, participate, along with CP’s selected Panel of Experts.

The companies, organizations and leaders selected are those who have verifiable quality values or have made exceptional contributions to Global Financial Innovation in one or more of the following fields:

  1. Best Online Trading Services
  2. Best Crypto Exchange Global
  3. Best Crypto Exchange Europe
  4. Asset Management Company of the Year
  5. Best Crypto Exchange Africa
  6. Best Active Trader Platform
  7. Best Cryptocurrency News Website
  8. Best Cryptocurrency Data Website
  9. Breakthrough in Cryptocurrency Trading
  10. Best Finance Journalist
  11. Best Customer Service in Crypto
  12. Best Spread Betting Platform
  13. Best Multi-Asset Brokerage Company
  14. Best Crypto Robot Trading Product
  15. Best Mainstream Crypto Media News/Coverage
  16. Most Innovative Blockchain Product
  17. Best Financial Trading App
  18. Best Crypto Trading App
  19. Best Multi Platform Provider
  20. Best Investment Magazine
  21. Best Investor Access Platform
  22. Best Listed Blockchain Company
  23. Best Crypto Exchange Asia
  24. Best Crypto Exchange North America
  25. Best Crypto Exchange South America
  26. Best Cold Storage Wallet
  27. Best DeFI project
  28. Best IDO project
  29. Best IEO project
  30. Best Crypto Journalist
  31. Best Crypto Newcomer
  32. Best Global Forex Platform
  33. Best European Forex Platform
  34. Best Investor Relations Firm
  35. Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platform
  36. Best Mining Pool
  37. Best Mobile Trading App
  38. Best Social Trading Platform
  39. Most Innovative Product in Crypto
  40. Best Crypto Trading Education Provider
  41. Best Blockchain Agency
  42. Best Crypto Casino
  43. Best Crypto Sportsbook
  44. Best NFT Project
  45. Best Blockchain Incubator
  46. Best Blockchain VC
  47. Best Blockchain Accelerator

What is the Cryptopolitan advocacy?

“Spurring on financial companies, organizations and individuals from all over the world, with standards for the key elements behind productivity and profitability, is one of the most powerful things Cryptopolitan can do to boost any organization efficiency and lead it through the demanding, yet rewarding, road of excellence.” – Cryptopolitan International Financial Awards Founders

With confident support from various denizens of the financial industry, the Cryptopolitan International Financial Awards​ ​becomes ​a​ ​powerful ​tool​ ​designed​ ​to​ ​recognize​ ​the​ ​prestige​ ​of​ ​outstanding companies,​ ​organizations,​ ​and​ ​business​ ​people​ ​from​ ​all​ ​over​ ​the​ ​world. 

To learn more, see the latest award categories and to apply, click here. It’s FREE to apply. 

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.

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