What has the BRICS been up to lately?

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  • The BRICS alliance is investing $13.5 billion in Brazil’s biofuel sector, involving the UAE.
  • Plans are underway to establish a new stock exchange in Brazil as part of broader economic strategies.
  • BRICS expanded its membership last year, adding Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Iran, Egypt, and Ethiopia.
  • The alliance is actively pursuing de-dollarization to reduce reliance on the US dollar.

The BRICS economic alliance is making big moves with a massive $13.5 billion oil investment. The Financial Times reports that this investment will rope in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a newbie in the BRICS group since last year. This is a major play in Brazil’s biofuel sector with a big chunk of the cash heading there.

Pumping Cash into Biofuels

It’s all part of a bigger plan. The UAE isn’t just throwing money around. They’re targeting specific growth areas. Along with pouring billions into biofuels, there’s chatter about setting up a new stock exchange right in Brazil. This isn’t just about making a quick buck. It’s about laying down long-term economic ties.

Last year was a busy one for BRICS. They didn’t just sit around. They brought five new countries into the fold: Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Iran, Egypt, and Ethiopia. That’s not all. They’re pushing hard against the dollar, trying to shake up how global trade ticks. This expansion and de-dollarization are part of their bigger goal to mix up the world order, making sure they’re not just spectators but key players on the world stage.

Expansion and New Members on the Horizon

Now, the UAE is leading the charge with this new investment, but it’s just part of a bigger strategy to strengthen their most protected sectors and knit tighter economic ties with Brazil. The investment could even lead to building a new stock exchange in Brazil, leveraging each other’s strengths: Brazil’s big in agriculture and the UAE has deep pockets and lots of oil.

The BRICS crew isn’t stopping. They kicked off their expansion back in January, and now they’re gearing up for more. They’re drawing a crowd, too. Countries are lining up, eager to join and ditch the dollar-centric trade system. From Asia to Africa to Latin America, nations see BRICS as a golden ticket to economic independence.

In 2024, five more countries threw their hats in the ring to join BRICS: Bolivia, Cameroon, Damascus, Syria, and Zimbabwe. They’re all looking for a new way to thrive, away from the usual US-led financial strings. Russia and China are backing these new members, pushing for a group decision at the next summit in Kazan, Russia.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov put it bluntly, “This is yet another important signal that the grouping’s international weight has increased.” They’re expanding, investing, and reshaping how global economics work. BRICS is literally building a new global economic frontier.

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