What are the main concerns preventing the crypto revolution and Aurix’s role in it

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Crypto revolution has been a catchphrase and almost everyone wants to take a ride, participate in it, thinking it’s about Bitcoin. But the true revolution involves blockchain technology in the forefront,  facilitating peer-to-peer permissionless transactions — without any intermediary such as a bank or governing body. Keeping the user’s information anonymous, the blockchain validates and keeps a permanent public record of all transactions.

As such, cryptocurrency is creating a profound change globally because of its decentralized nature. Unlike banks that monitor every transaction, crypto helps you become your bank without the need for documentation and other hassles to use your own deposits with a bank. 

Bank loans can also have crippling fees which could eventually deprive people of their collateral  (house, land, or any real asset) when defaulting in payment. Thus, one sees that the primary reason why the crypto revolution has become so important for those wanting to have a better life. 

Cryptocurrencies have the potential to change the current monetary system and establish an entirely new one. The crypto/blockchain revolution provides a banking system to those small areas where no banking system exists. Many people will be able to have a stable currency with the help of crypto that is not subject to inflation.

What concerns prevent the crypto revolution?


The most significant hurdle in the path of revolutionizing crypto is the lack of sufficient security. With vulnerable exchanges and constant headlines of breaches and hacks, more concerns and a withdrawal tendency in the user’s mind are created.


The fraudulent behavior by many well-known institutions is another primary concern. For instance, several expensive crypto projects used to be decentralized in nature but later were found to be false. This unprofessional nature and lack of accountability and transparency act as catalysts in the fall of the crypto revolution.


Many organizations offer coins during the initial phase of their campaigns, but most of the time, they are scams. Exchanges are not strict enough in supporting certain coins, which results in people believing that the whole crypto world is unreliable. 

Trading fees

Some exchanges charge a single flat transaction fee, but many charge two different fees: A taker fee and a maker fee. Sometimes these trading fees are even more than what the investor has gained, which is a big turn-off for people to invest in cryptocurrencies.


A lack of liquidity could be harmful to crypto to revolutionize. Due to low liquidity, markets become volatile, and orders are not placed or executed in time. Large holders benefit from this situation and manipulate the prices with unethical practices.

The Solution

We cannot just sit and wait for the concerns to vanish away, and hence, we need to act as the catalysts in the crypto revolution. Aurix Ecosystem and products are such actively participating catalysts that deal with the concerns very positively. Aurix seeks to eradicate all of these concerns by bringing in a regular crypto trading and exchange platform. 

Easily Liquefiable Trade Pairs

For all the traders, liquidity is a significant issue, and this is why most of them cannot easily invest in crypto. Without easily liquefiable trade pairs, traders have lost a lot of their profits in crypto as it is a very volatile market space. Aurix is the solution for all the people who have lost their money in such a scenario.


Aurix has fully declared its policies to all of its customers. If they need to have a look, they can willfully do so. The exchange does not violate your privacy in any way. Aurix is one of the most secure platforms which helps you in getting complete privacy while initiating transactions. It will gather some of your details in the beginning during setup, but if you are worrying about Aurix leaking your data, it is next to impossible. 


Aurix has promised all of its customers to provide Decentralized Finance cashback as a reward for crypto transactions. This arrangement is a huge deal for everyone in crypto. The user can use cashback for anything that the user wants, which is just amazing. There are no restrictions.


Crypto traders and investors are tired of high costs, and this is when Aurix decides to step in and help traders out! Aurix features no hidden charges. All the cut charges are barely noticeable, unlike other platforms that take vast chunks of crypto as fees. 


Aurix Ecosystem has taken the world by storm and with the excellent quality of services it provides. An incredible and responsive design without any complications and excellent customer support service, Aurix seeks to revolutionize crypto trading. It will no longer be complex, and people will not hesitate to invest in and use crypto in daily life. With brilliant and quality services, Aurix is set to take the lead during this crypto revolution.

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