Multipurpose web-based platform Coinlib offers impressive solutions

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Coinlib is a web-based platform that allows you to track cryptocurrency prices as well as your portfolio’s performance. It has real-time updates for prices and also offers lots of advanced tools like alerts, a compare tool, a news section and detailed info on each coin. has entered a strategic partnership with CoinLib for its news section.

In Coinlib’s news section visitors can read the latest posts, articles, interviews, press releases, tweets and other newsworthy material connected with specific cryptocurrencies and the crypto market in general.

You can search the news by topic or just see news related to a specific coin. All sources are either official Twitter or Reddit accounts, fetched from reliable sources (sites and blogs) or otherwise hand-picked by Coinlib.

It has been designed carefully to be simple and welcoming to new users, quickly offering the basic info everyone needs like price, volume, market cap, and recent price delta.

Multipurpose web-based platform Coinlib offers impressive solutions 1

However, you can also delve into advanced graphs (ie compare a coin’s price across exchanges) and see metrics ranging from Twitter followers and GitHub activity to ROI and Sharpe ratio to technical analysis (RSI, CCI, MACD etc).

The interface is crisp and extra care has been given to the mobile experience. There are currently over 4000 coins listed.

Multipurpose web-based platform Coinlib offers impressive solutions 2

It also gets data about trades, prices, and volumes straight from the exchanges. It doesn’t rely on other sites to provide this important info. Currently, it fetches all trades from over 170 exchanges, with more being added every week. The site streams these data straight to the user so you get real-time prices and related numbers.

Registration is easy using your Google, Facebook or Twitter account. You can also register just by filling your email, a username, and a password. Coinlib‘s homepage starts with the 3 numbers that have come to describe the market at a glance.

Multipurpose web-based platform Coinlib offers impressive solutions 3

The default view in Coinlib’s homepage shows just 50 coins. Since the site boasts over 4000 coins the Coins page is where one goes to explore them.

At the heart of Coinlib is the detailed info, metrics and historic data it has for each coin. All data are laid out in the coin page.

The page starts by listing the important figures first: price, 24h volume, 24h low/high, current and max supply.

Then comes the graph with its many options: range from 1h to any custom dates, logarithmic scale, OHLC (open, hi, low, close also known as candlesticks) and the ability to show not only the average price but the price in one or more specific exchanges.


Coinlib allows users to make a prediction for each coin, whether they feel a coin will be a bull (going up) or a bear (going down) in the near future.

Each user has his own predictions page where all predictions are gathered along with a score of how well the user did.

Other users can see these pages and make their judgment on each user’s predictions.

Portfolio, Alerts, and Sync

Tracking your portfolio is something that many investors in the crypto space do multiple times a day or an hour. Coinlib allows you to track all your assets, their performance, and prices along with the general performance of your initial investment in real-time. No more constant refreshing.

Worth mentioning is the fact you can safely and publicly share your portfolio. Quantities are normalized and the exact coin quantities are excluded from the shared view. This is done in order to prevent exposing the absolute worth of your portfolio.

An important feature is the ability to automatically sync trades you did on selected exchanges. This will keep your portfolio up to date without any input from you.

For any exchange, you want to sync you provide the read-only API key provided by the exchange. Coinlib makes sure to fetch all your trades every couple of hours and correctly update your Portfolio.

Compare tool

One of the most powerful features Coinlib offers is the Coin Comparison Tool. With it you can select up to eight coins (or groups) and get a detailed overview of their performance in time. The tool is very simple to use: select the cryptos and the time range you want.

Multipurpose web-based platform Coinlib offers impressive solutions 4

Results include stunning graphs, detailed charts with trading volumes, price movements and a comparison of performance. You also get detailed side-by-side metrics (like social factors or developer activity) and a very useful correlation coefficient matrix. This shows you how similar are the assets you compare (ie if they both go up and down in the same way).

A more advanced use is comparing groups and not only coins. You can compare the top 50 mineable coins against the top 50 non-mineable. Or define any other group using the proof type, the algorithm, etc. Finally, you can compare a few single coins against a specific group of coins.

Best price explorer

Using the Best Price Explorer you can search for the best (and worst) prices for a selected trading pair.

In some cases, the way to achieve the best price is by going through an intermediate currency and possibly more than one exchange.

You select a currency pair, where each part can be either crypto or FIAT, a minimum volume for each pair that will be used and whether you allow for 2 hops or want only the immediate pairs.

Finally, you can also include or exclude specific exchanges, or countries. So you can easily exclude Korean or Japanese exchanges if you can’t get an account in these countries.

The result is a list from best to worst prices and a percentage from the average price. Clicking a row will give you the historic rate for this specific route.

Global charts & Widgets

The Global Charts provide a birds-eye view of what is happening in the market and a way to scale the historic highs and lows. You get 6 charts on this page:

In addition, Coinlib also offers many widgets you can easily embed in your website. You can have a full coin listing, a single coin, a currency converter or a scrolling ticker.

If these ready-made solutions do not fully satisfy you, there is a public API allowing you to build anything you wish.

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