Westpac’s $28 Million Investment Powers AI Fintech Startup Rich Data Co in Series B Funding Surge


  • Westpac leads a A$28 million funding round in AI fintech start-up Rich Data Co, focusing on real-time loan assessments for small businesses.
  • The investment, Westpac’s largest venture capital move this year, underscores the bank’s commitment to embracing AI technologies in financial decision-making.
  • Rich Data Co’s CEO, Ada Guan, highlights the importance of transparency in AI models and plans to utilize the Series B funding to expand the company’s team, particularly in North America.

In a strategic move signaling its commitment to the evolving landscape of financial technology, Westpac has undertaken a substantial venture into the world of artificial intelligence (AI) by leading a significant $28 million investment in Sydney-based fintech start-up Rich Data Co, an AI fintech startup specializing in real-time loan assessments for small businesses. This investment, occurring in the form of Series B funding, represents Westpac’s largest venture capital initiative in the current fiscal year, marking a pivotal moment in the bank’s embrace of cutting-edge technologies in the financial sector.

Westpac’s strategic move in AI fintech startup landscape

Under the leadership of Westpac and in collaboration with cloud banking provider nCino, Rich Data Co has successfully secured A$28 million in its Series B funding round. This financial backing, a direct investment from Westpac’s balance sheet rather than its venture arm, Reinventure, underscores the bank’s strategic commitment to advancing AI-driven solutions for financial decision-making. The funding initiative also enjoys continued support from local fund management company BMYG and welcomes a new investor, Octava Fund, based in Singapore.

The operational modus operandi of Rich Data Co in the domain of AI-facilitated lending adjudications is characterized by a robust proclivity for the expeditious and contemporaneous assessment of loans, seamlessly aligning itself with the prevalent trajectory observed amongst preeminent financial establishments, a cohort that notably encompasses the preeminent quartet of banking entities within the Australian economic milieu. 

This cohort, in its collective capacity, avails itself of the reservoirs of information emanating from cloud-centric accounting platforms and the labyrinthine tapestry of customer transactions, amalgamating these disparate data streams to engender sophisticated models that engender a holistic and nuanced profile of putative recipients of business loans. 

Within this intricate tapestry, Ada Guan, the esteemed Chief Executive Officer of Rich Data Co, proffers sagacious insights pertaining to the intricacies intrinsic to the expansive realm of artificial intelligence, with a particular accentuation on the imperative of imbuing transparency within the intricate architecture of machine learning models. Guan, in her eminence, underscores the profundity inherent in the tandem augmentation of precision and transparency, articulating with unwavering conviction that the explication of a predictive model stands as an indubitable prerequisite for its efficacious assimilation and operational integration within the hallowed precincts of financial institutions.

Rich Data Co’s strategic roadmap

Ada Guan sheds light on the company’s future plans, revealing that the majority of the Series B funding will be directed towards expanding Rich Data Co’s team, especially in the lucrative North American market. Despite the global downturn in tech salaries, Guan expresses a commitment to maintaining a lean team structure, asserting the efficiency and accountability of smaller teams. According to Guan, this philosophy allows for a more reliable and transparent workflow, essential elements in the dynamic landscape of AI-driven financial technologies.

As Westpac takes a major stride in supporting the AI fintech realm with its substantial investment in Rich Data Co, the financial landscape witnesses a significant shift towards embracing technology in decision-making processes. The partnership signifies not only a financial backing but also a strategic alignment with the evolving trends in real-time loan assessments. As Rich Data Co charts its course for expansion, a crucial question arises: How will this investment propel Westpac and Rich Data Co in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of AI-driven financial technologies, balancing the delicate equation of accuracy and transparency in lending decisions?

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