Web3 Masterminds with Vitalii Odnovol from Vidma

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Web3 Mastermind Live Talk Show!

Another beautiful week is beginning.

Today we bring to you yet another exciting #Web3 Masterminds, airing live from the Cryptopolitan headquarters!


Vitalii Odnovol, Executive Manager of Vidma.io – A leader in blockchain security audits with experience across multiple DeFi protocols, layer one solutions, and marketplaces.
Vidma.io provides security auditing, penetration testing, and vulnerability assessments.
Mitch Rankin, Co-founder of Forward Protocol.
Join us for a lively discussion about #Web3domination, blockchain news, product and progress updates, and tons of additional insights from the crypto-verse.

Wednesday 29 JUN | 3 pm UTC
Live-streamed on all Cryptopolitan and Forward Protocol social media channels

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Written by Sathya Rani