Web3 Masterminds with Joshua Scigala from The Standard

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Join us for the next episode of Web3 Masterminds Live Talk Show.

This Wednesday—continuing with #Web3 Masterminds’ high-standard of lit discussions—we’ll be presenting:

Joshua Scigala, Co-Founder of The Standard – A protocol that enables the creation of #stablecoins, aiming to mirror every fiat currency across all major #blockchains.

The Standard uses a mechanism that allows for created stablecoins to be backed by a basket of underlying assets that users lock up in smart vaults. This allows users to generate stable cryptocurrencies pegged to any fiat in the world by utilizing asset-backed loans without intermediaries.

Our Web3 Masterminds’ Guests:

  • Joshua Scigala – Co-Founder of The Standard
  • Mitch Rankin – Co-Founder of Forward Protocol

Topics of discussion:
➡️ The Standard Product Review
➡️ The Standard Progress Report
➡️ Blockchain & Crypto Insights for the past, present, and future

🎓 Find out how to generate YOUR stablecoin, pegged to any fiat in the world using The Standard Protocol.

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Written by Sathya Rani