Web3 Game Pixels releases Chapter 2 updates

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  • Pixels Chapter 2 comes with various updates such as a new tier system, skill migrations, upgraded industries, and more.
  • Stoneshaping and Metalworking have been added as new skills.
  • Players can now add customizations to their houses such as wallpapers, wall paintings, flooring, and begging.

Pixels has announced the release of its Chapter 2 that comes with new updates related to land progression, resource generation, crafting mechanics, and new industries. The update went live on 19 June and is now playable.

According to the official update notes, a tiered system is added to farming, cooking stove, woodworking bench, metalworking bench, stoneshaper, mines, and trees. Similarly, certain skills from Chapter 1 have migrated to new categories.

Pixels migrate some skills in Chapter 2

Ceramicist has migrated to Stoneshaping, while Beekeeping, Aviculture, Slugger, Petcare, and Fishing all come under Animal Care. Similarly, Both Farming and Granger have migrated to the Farming skill. Also, Textiler, Redifferentiator, and Winemaking all come under the Business skill now.

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Stoneshaping and Metalworking have been added as new skills. The new update has also adjusted the Leveling Curve by changing the EXP required between different levels.

The update adds new recipes and art 

Screenshot of Tier system in Pixels
Tier system in Pixels (Source: Pixels)

The new update has refurbished the MOI machine with recipes. Also, Terra Villa Central now includes Tier 1 for every industry. Those industries that have an advanced tiering system have been upgraded with new recipes and art. Furthermore, the growth times along with industry times have been reduced, with Otherspeck Mines updated into Tier 4 Mines having faster production output.

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As for NFT Lands, limitations for industries have been removed and players can now place as many Tier 1 – 4 industries as the land can accommodate. However, they need to be at the right level. For instance, placing Tier 3 Trees requires Forestry level 40 or above.

Players can add new customizations to houses

Screenshot of houses in Pixels
Houses in Pixels (Source: Pixels X Account)

The new update allows players to upgrade Speck Houses twice. These come equipped with a bed where players can recharge energy, a wardrobe with wearables, Infinifunnel, and a Tier 1 Stove. Other small NFT houses have all the aspects of Speck Houses, with the addition of a Tier 4 Stove, a pool, and a cave basement.

On the other hand, larger NFT houses have all the features of small NFT houses, but they came with a Solarium for planting decorative flowers. Players can also modify various internals of their houses such as wallpapers, bedding, flooring, and wall paintings.

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