Waves Price Prediction 2022-2030: Will WAVES hit another ATH?

Waves crypto

The Waves blockchain was initially designed to facilitate the transfer of fiat currency and cryptocurrency and to optimize asset tokenization. Using the Waves Platform, users could deposit numerous cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies through external “gateway” service providers.

These assets could then be sent through the Waves platform as tokens and then withdrawn back into their original fiat or crypto form through a gateway. All of this could be accessed by downloading the Waves extension on your browser.

Are you expecting a similar pattern continuation?

Today’s Waves price is $21.75 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $760,189,633 USD. Waves is down 10.83% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #48, with a live market cap of $2,348,279,884 USD. It has a circulating supply of 107,976,028 WAVES coins and the maximum supply is not available.

Recent Waves developments

A month ago, WAVES is back in one of the top positions in the crypto market after overcoming losses in the previous weeks. The native cryptocurrency registered an increase in its value that exceeds 11.72 percent in the last 24 hours. Bruited as the embodiment of tech freedom for blockchain-based finance, Waves technology might as well be the tool for massive adoption. Let’s see why that’s possible.

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Waves Browser Extension: Source: Steemit

What is the Waves crypto?

The Waves crypto blockchain is a source for users to create and then launch their custom crypto tokens. What makes Waves stand-apart from other such platforms is that it doesn’t require lengthy smart contract programming. Users can easily and freely trade the tokens they create over the blockchain. Each user has scripts that manage and create each user’s tokens and keep them safe from cyber hacks.

The main aim of the Waves team was to create a platform that develops new tokens, as well as the mechanism to regulate them, in a way that is as simple as launching any other web application. Crypto jargon and understanding its mechanics can be quite a complicated feat for some but the Waves team has made it a point to simplify the process as much as possible.

The assets that are created and designed over the Waves blockchain are then subject to the built-in Waves Exchange. The Waves Exchange helps set the path for the tokens created over the Waves blockchain itself as well as other tokens of WAVES.

Waves Crypto Overview

Waves Crypto Overview
CoinSymbolPriceMarketcapChangeLast 24hSupplyVolume (24h)
WAVES$ 13.47$ 1.35 B3.34%100.00 M$ 326.54 M

How was Waves developed?

The Waves blockchain was developed back in 2016 by a Russian entrepreneur by the name of Sasha Ivanov. The founder wanted to develop a platform that simplified the crypto token process for users and gave them the autonomy to create their tokens with ease.

At the same time as developing Waves, Sasha developed the Waves Platform AG which is a non-profit company to drive and fund the blockchain. Operating from Moscow Russia, the Waves Platform has been the backbone of its domain blockchain network.

Back in 2016, right after the creation of the Waves cryptocurrency, the initial coin offering for WAVES was initiated. The process raised around $22 million in a short span of time. After the success of the coin offering, by the last quarter of 2016, WAVES cryptocurrency became fully functional.

How Waves blockchain operates

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Overview of the LPoS Mechanism

The background mechanics of the Waves blockchain aren’t too dramatic or complex. The software essentially uses two different types of nodes to run the system. The two nodes are full nodes and lightweight nodes.

The full nodes of the software are responsible for putting together and saving the history of the transactions. The lightweight nodes on the other hand are dependent on the full nodes for each transactions confirmation. The lightweight nodes also keep track of the one-on-one interactions between users across the network.

Alongside the system of nodes, Waves operates on the basis of a combination of POS and LPoS. Proof of Stake (POS) and Leased Proof of Stake (LPoS) work in sync to keep the network stable and to make it run smoothly.

Where to buy WAVES

Waves can be bought in certain crypto exchanges but not in Coinbase. Cryptocurrencies not available for trading on Coinbase exist for educational purposes only and are selected based on market cap. The inclusion of educational cryptocurrency pages does not indicate that Coinbase will support any specific cryptocurrencies for trading in the future.

The WavesDEX has proven itself to be a reliable exchange for trading cryptocurrencies. Traders’ funds are considered to be safer than on regular cryptocurrency exchanges because the funds are held in personal cryptocurrency wallets, rather than on a centralized exchange database.

Waves’ Exchange disclosed the inauguration of a decentralized forex market (DeFo) on September 29. The new market will operate using stablecoins hooked to the rate of assorted fiat currencies. The market currently has seven different stablecoins.

As per the announcement, the initial seven stablecoins added to the platform include USDN, EURN, JPYN, CNYN, RUBN, UAHN, and NGNN. Furthermore, the firm revealed that the pairs added in the decentralized forex platform were created using the Neutrino protocol decided upon by ecosystem members.

If you wish to unstake USDN (Neutrino USD), sign in to your account on Waves. Exchange, hover over the Investments item and click on USDN in the Neutrino staking section. Click on Unstake USDN. In the popup that appears, enter the amount you wish to withdraw and again click on Unstake USDN to confirm.

Waves Technical Analysis

Waves buy/sell volume is up today by 14.63% i.e. $1,335,481,810 traded today. The price is however down and researchers speculate this is a correction from a recent spike to an ATH of $62.36. Waves is trading 31.36% below the ATH.

The 14 day RSI is at 32.19 any further drop in prices will put Waves in oversold territory. William Alligator trendlines are moving south signalling a further drop in prices after a brief consolidation.

Waves Price Prediction 2022-2030: Will WAVES hit another ATH? 3

MACD trend line has broken below zero with the signal line touching the zero lion. The histogram is growing suggesting high momentum in the market.

Waves Price Prediction 2022-2030: Will WAVES hit another ATH? 4

Waves Price Predictions 2022 – 2030


Based on last year’s historical data, Walletinvestor Waves coin forecast suggests it will sell at $44.19 this year. Waves has a bright future and it is forecast to trade between $50 and $45 in 2023. Bulls will ride the Waves to $54.92 in 2024. Waves price will not be exaggerated at $68.50 in 2025. 


DigitalCoinPrice only has optimism in store for Waves. Waves USD will trade on an upward trend both short and long term. The value will grow this year and trade at an average price of $58.74. It will then push through $70 in 2023 but correct and trade at about $66.75. The upward trend will reach $68.75 in 2024 after which it will double in value trading between $77.12 and $96.01 in 2025. Waves will drop to $80.69 in 2026 before pumping past $100 in 2027. The year 2028 will have tremendous growth i.e. 50% to trade at an average price of $150 offering a good return for buyers. It will then sell at $183 in 2029, with a bright future in 2030 trading above $200.


Waves price prognosis this year by Tradingbeasts indicates the coin will reach a maximum price of $51.0 8 in October. The value is shown to drop in 2023 with the coin trading between $31.682 in December and $50.908 in January. 2024 will have mixed results with the month of March trading highest at $55.68 and February trading lowest at $35.87. 2025 will be bullish with prices starting at $55.73 in January and closing the year at $70.255.


Waves price prediction 2022 - 2030
Note: All amounts in USD

Waves Price Prediction 2022

After hitting its all-time high on 31st March Waves is back at $ust. Amid the updates Waves is set to trade at an average price of $39.78, however, it might trade higher due to volatility in the market or a probable sell-off by end of the year.

Waves Price Prediction 2023

In 2023, with Waves 2.0 in place, the Waves will comfortably trade above its set price record. It is expected to trade at an average price of $60.09, reaching a maximum price of $67.55 and a minimum price of $58.50.

Waves Price Prediction 2024

The advent of more stable coins will multiply the value of the Neutrino protocol proportionally affecting the value of Waves total volume locked. Waves will reach the $100 mark and average $89.

Waves Price Prediction 2025

Waves market cap is expected to grow as it continues to create stiffer competition with its competitors in the market. Waves will grow by 20% to trade at $123.22 with a possible $151.85 and $119.66 on the horizon.

Waves Price Prediction 2026

Waves will experience a price rise in 2026 and will sell at a possible $200. According to our forecast, it will sell between $208.88 and $166.06. Average forecast price is $172.22.

Waves Price Prediction 2027

Waves has high growth momentum and our research suggests the coin’s decentralized nature will attract more crypto enthusiasts in the future. This will impact Waves’ value, at which it will trade at a cool $247, reaching a low price of $240.93 and a high price of $287.78.

Waves Price Prediction 2028

Waves stable coins will grow mainstream competing at a level similar to or close to tether and terra, we project a 50% to 100% growth that year. Waves average trading price will be $363.58 and will get to a maximum price of $415.02 and a minimum price of $353.67.

Waves Price Prediction 2029

Waves will cross to $500, trading between $612.17 and $525.70 while averaging $543.88 that is if the crypto market avoids any sudden price jolts.

Waves Price Prediction 2030

Come 2030, Waves will trade a little shy of $1000. High market volatility may push it to the mark but we anticipate a modest $790.21 with $925.74 on the higher side while selling at a low price of $763.01.

Waves Price Predictions by Industry Influencers

Whale moves made by Waves are not going unnoticed by the crypto community, mainly after it went up 70% reaching an all-time high last March 2022, bringing the coin into the limelight.

The value of Waves is growing every day caused by Neutrino with data showing the protocol consists of 62% of Waves TVL. Investor interest in USDNeutrino is driving the demand for Waves.

While skeptics link Alexandr Ivanov, founder of Waves with supporting Russia in the Russia Ukraine conflict, the founder came out in an interview and cleared the air adding that he was a Ukrainian citizen and had no interest in the war.


Waves value recently rocketed outperforming Monero and Axie Infinity. The rate also outperformed Bitcoin in what researchers are calling ‘Altcoin season’. The market has been volatile in recent weeks and the pump in Waves has been attributed to its news, including the setting up of Waves labs in the US. A recent partnership with All bridge will enable blockchain interoperability with the Waves platform.

News is currently riding the Waves value, and while they are positive we anticipate their implementation will push prices higher. However, a price reversal could happen at any moment. Waves may be a good HODL and should guarantee investors good results in the long term but be careful of going overboard. Practice due diligence and study market sentiments and when the time is right to buy/sell.

FAQs about Waves

Will the value of Waves cryptocurrency increase?

The price of Waves will average $39.78 this year so they are likely to go down.

How much will Waves be worth in 10 years?

Our technical analysis suggests Waves will sell at $1100 in 10 years.

Will the price of Waves reach $100?

Yes. It will reach $100 in 2030.

Should I buy Waves?

Waves is a good investment, you should however conduct your own research before investing.

Can I trade Waves on Coinbase?

No. Waves is not listed on Coinbase.

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.
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