VitaDAO launches biotech firm for medical research


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  • VitaDAO has announced the launch of its biotech firm for medical research on diverse terminal diseases.
  • Bridging the gap between the digital world and healthcare.

A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), VitaDAO, is pushing the boundaries of life extension by founding a biotech company dedicated to cutting-edge research in the treatment of cancer and age-related diseases. VitaDAO, a community-driven collective with a primary goal of funding and advancing early-stage longevity research, has unveiled Matrix Biosciences in partnership with renowned biologist Vera Gorbunova. Professor Gorbunova, hailing from the University of Rochester, is credited with the discovery of cancer-resistant traits in the naked mole-rat.

VitaDAO unveils Matrix Biosciences

The driving force behind Matrix Biosciences is to bridge the gap between DAO-based research and real-world applications. Unlike VitaDAO’s decentralized nature, Matrix Biosciences will operate as a centralized entity, resembling a traditional company. VitaDAO will hold the majority of shares in this newly formed biotech firm, which will be obligated to provide quarterly reports, aligning with conventional investment structures. Todd White, a core member of VitaDAO, emphasized their mission to demonstrate the effective coexistence of blockchain technology with the biotech industry.

He acknowledged the strict regulatory environment surrounding medicine and healthcare and mentioned that both VitaDAO and Matrix Biosciences are proactively working with regulators. White stressed the importance of managing reputational risk in the crypto industry and aimed to show that they are not operating recklessly. Matrix Biosciences will focus on pioneering research on the naked mole-rat, a long-lived rodent known for its abundance of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid (HMW-HA). This unique compound found in these rats exhibits anti-cancer, anti-pain, and pro-longevity properties.

Bridging the gap between the digital world and healthcare

The goal of Matrix Biosciences is to harness these characteristics for the development of applications in cancer treatment and other age-related diseases in humans, aligning perfectly with VitaDAO’s mission. Eleanor Davies, another core member of VitaDAO, described the company’s funding mandate as supporting “moonshot bleeding-edge research” that typically doesn’t qualify for funding from entities like the National Institutes of Health or traditional venture capital. She envisions Matrix Biosciences as working towards creating the next groundbreaking therapeutic solution.

Both Todd White and Eleanor Davies spoke highly of Vera Gorbunova’s work, emphasizing her role as the lead scientist for Matrix Biosciences. Gorbunova has dedicated years to researching mechanisms related to longevity, genome stability, and long-lived mammals. She currently co-directs the Aging Research Center at the University of Rochester and has earned numerous accolades for her extensive research contributions.

VitaDAO, which includes Pfizer Ventures among its contributors, will provide an initial funding injection of $300,000 to Matrix Biosciences. Further capital will be allocated through its IP-NFT fractionalization model. This launch signifies VitaDAO’s commitment to the biotech community and its determination to drive meaningful progress in the field of life extension research. Todd White concluded that this announcement sends a clear message that VitaDAO is dedicated to making a significant impact in the biotech sector.

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