Visa taps Micah Johnson to empower creators in NFT adoption


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  • Visa is partnering with non-fungible token (NFT) innovator Micah Johnson to empower creators to adopt the technology.
  • The partnership seeks to equip digital creators with what they’ll need to thrive in the creator environment.

Visa is partnering with Micah Johnson to push for crypto adoption within the creative economy. The firm has confirmed this in a 13th October blog post on its site. 

Visa says the partnership seeks to help creators grow their knowledge of crypto trade and NFTs.

The firm believes that developments within the cryptosphere can help digital creators push down barriers to their entry. NFTs, for instance, provide direct connections between creators, fans, and collectors. This way, they help them build their businesses by monetizing their talents.

Helping creators master NFT technology

Visa expressed excitement at the possibilities NFTs can bring to micro and small businesses in the creator space. Those possibilities are the motive behind partnering Micah in a program that’ll help creators master the technology. Again, they’ll learn how to move their digital products to public blockchains.

The firm and Micah are working towards the realization of their inaugural class of creators. It insists that they’ll pick the class through an open selection process.

Besides sponsoring the group, Visa and Micah will offer them consultancy services. These services will help them navigate both traditional and crypto payments worlds better.

Again, they’re looking forward to building relationships between the creators and the network’s partners. Visa banks on these relationships helping creators expand their audiences and thus grow. 

Micah will play a pivotal role in building the program. His expertise will help to ensure the program adds value to the next generation creators.

Micah also expressed his excitement at his partnership with the payments giant. He said he was looking forward to working with and learning from the trusted brand. Moreover, he was optimistic that they’d work to equip creators with the tools they’ll need to thrive with the digital revolution.

NFTs and Micah’s vision

Micah’s selection of the program is telling. A retired professional baseball player, he’s cut a name for himself in the digital arts sector. Although he embraced NFTs in 2019, Micah had made strides in that space. He credited his growth in the area to his inaugural NFT sale last year.

He says NFTs provided him the chance to build a community of his supporters. That relationship has gone beyond liking and sharing his creations. 

Further, he remains grateful to the crypto community. Because of their guidance, he has been able to develop his crypto-native character Aku into a business. Aku has grown into a media company with a global reach. Today it provides value to its early supporters.

Micah’s legions of supporters not only collect his work but also share his vision. He aims to prod children to dream unrestrained. That way, they’ll be able to overcome their limiting beliefs.

Art is undergoing a digital renaissance. Artists are building communities that are melting pots of culture and businesses.

It’s against this backdrop that innovators like Micah Johnson have found a foothold in the NFT world. The creator economy comprises over fifty million people. It’s a rapidly growing segment within the small business sector.

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