Visa/Mastercard Card with DeFi Cashback: How Do They Work in the Aurix Ecosystem?

Aurix’s mission is a bold one, and it envisions a world where using cryptocurrency is easily accessible and adoptable. Aurix uses the power of blockchain technology to drive innovation to every nook and cranny of crypto money transfers, by providing a user-friendly interface and bespoke technology that eases the process by which an individual securely trades cryptocurrency. Aurix’s innovative DeFi cashback system takes this mission even further by providing Visa/Mastercard Card with Defi cashback. 

The importance of Visa/Mastercard Card with DeFi cashback

Aurix DeFi cashback system is an audacious move to provide the best services to customers, thus improving the adoption and integrity of the Aurix token. Aurix offers a debit Mastercard or Visa card to customers, which is linked to their wallet and allows them to enjoy cashback on all the transactions and payments done on the card. 

Each customer can obtain up to 9% cashback to their e-wallets on each trade. More importantly, the DeFi system’s dynamic and atomic nature makes it more than easier for each of these cashback transactions to run smoothly without encountering any hurdles. 

This means that customers are offered a much better substitute from other crypto services that charge fees on purchase and transfer transactions. Thus, more people find it rather attractive and rewarding to buy into the Aurix idea, thereby promoting its native token.

Game-changer for the Aurix chain system

Aurix chain system is built with top-notch security in mind. More interesting is the fact that it is positioned to disrupt the transactional terrain of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The cashback system is a scenario of maximum incentivization where customers are earning on every purchase with their Aurix’s DeFi cards rather than being charged fees. 

Each user is assigned a level that depends on their activity on the Aurix platform and ecosystem. The levels are designated VIP 0, VIP 1,…VIP 6; a higher level means  higher benefits, including better trading fees, higher cashback rewards, and more.

For example, suppose a named user, Max, is a very active user on the Aurix chain network and has transacted over 350 BTC trade volume for a 30 days period or has purchased over 9000 AUR. In that case, Max is, therefore, a VIP 3 customer and can therefore access up to 5% cashback on his card.

The unique feature of this cashback system is that it is fully managed in a decentralized network which provides a financially safe space for organizing and storing funds without the involvement of any third-party institution. 

Hence, transactions are completed in real-time, and rewards are instantly released just as promised. The blockchain is such a powerful technology and an integral part of this process, which enforces the failproof execution of the cashback feature with a 0% possibility of failure. 


The opportunities brought to the fore by Aurix can be endless, and now more than ever, users can safely transact using their Aurix cards and be assured of instant cashback rewards while they smile all the way to the bank. The DeFi nature of the cashback system ensures rewards are guaranteed just as the blockchain enforces the execution with a zero possibility of failure.

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