ViGPT App propels Vietnam’s national AI goals


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  • Vietnam introduces ViGPT app for local Gen AI, aiming to lessen dependence on foreign technology and achieve 2025 government targets.
  • ViGPT by VinBigdata supports Vietnam’s tech independence, resolving inaccuracies in global AI models tailored for Vietnamese context.
  • Vingroup’s subsidiary collaboration with the government hints at economic gains and sets the stage for more localized AI innovations.

In a strategic move echoing global trends, Vietnam has officially entered the burgeoning field of generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) with the launch of the ViGPT app by VinBigdata, a subsidiary of Vingroup. This development aligns seamlessly with the Vietnamese government’s initiatives to foster domestic technological self-reliance, particularly in the realm of language models.

Vietnamese tech industry’s push for independence

Sputnik, the Russian news agency, has applauded the recent surge of Vietnamese-developed apps as a positive sign of the nation’s commitment to reducing dependence on foreign products. The efforts of domestic technology units to create AI solutions tailored to Vietnamese cultural nuances and historical context have garnered international attention.

The rise of OpenAI’s ChatGPT in 2023 has triggered a global race to conquer Gen AI as nations and tech giants vie for supremacy in this transformative field. While English-language models dominate the market, there’s a growing recognition that these models may fall short in capturing the intricacies of Vietnamese culture and context, leading to inaccuracies in information.

Vietnam’s response: A wave of Gen AI models

Vietnam has responded to this challenge with the unveiling of several Gen AI models, signaling a concerted effort to bridge the gap. Noteworthy models like FPT Gen AI, PhởGPT, and Zalo AI have made their debut, showcasing Vietnam’s commitment to advancing AI capabilities on the domestic front.

ViGPT: A Vietnamese counterpart to ChatGPT

On December 27, VinBigdata officially introduced the ViGPT app in Ho Chi Minh City. This marks a significant stride towards achieving the goals outlined by the Vietnamese Ministry of Information and Communications, which recently issued a plan emphasizing the need for Vietnam to possess at least one Large Language Model (LLM) platform in Vietnamese by 2025.

Government’s directive

The move to develop ViGPT aligns with the directives of the Vietnamese government, specifically in response to the Ministry of Information and Communications plan. The plan underscores the strategic importance of studying, developing, and applying Vietnamese LLM, considering it a crucial and meaningful task. By having a localized model, Vietnam aims to address the challenges posed by cultural nuances and context, ensuring accurate and contextually relevant AI applications.

Meeting national targets

The Ministry’s plan sets a clear target for Vietnam: to possess a Vietnamese LLM platform by 2025. This not only signifies a move towards technological self-sufficiency but also emphasizes the practical benefits of having a language model tailored to the specific needs and cultural idiosyncrasies of the Vietnamese population.

Industry collaboration and economic implications

The launch of ViGPT also underscores the collaborative efforts within the Vietnamese tech industry. As a subsidiary of Vingroup, VinBigdata’s entry into the Gen AI arena showcases the synergy between private enterprises and the government’s strategic goals. This collaboration is expected to have a positive impact on the economy, offering cost-effective solutions for residents, businesses, and organizations to develop new applications.

Future prospects and global implications

As Vietnam positions itself on the global Gen AI stage, the launch of ViGPT paves the way for further advancements and collaborations. The emergence of localized language models not only enhances the accuracy of AI applications within Vietnam but also sets a precedent for other nations to prioritize linguistic and cultural specificity in their AI developments.

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