VideoCoin Simplex partnership brings new fiat gateway

VideoCoin Simplex partnership brings new fiat gateway

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The recently announced VideoCoin Simplex partnership has brought a new fiat payment gateway for the clients. Simplex is a well-known fiat payment processor and VideoCoin offers video encoding and content distribution solutions. The native token of VideoCoin called VID will be supported by Simplex for transactions.

VideoiCoin Simplex partnership will help expand the already extensive payment gateway network of Simplex. KuCoin and Bittrex also list VID token just in case users want more monetary access. The fiat gateway of Simplex will also be available to the VideoCoin users to buy cryptocurrency through their debit or credit card.

VideoCoin Simplex partnership to promote cryptocurrency purchases

The California-based VideoCoin has added wings to its capabilities as a decentralized video encoder firm. In May this year, the firm announced the launch of the eponymous network and its commercial implications. VideoCoin brings uniformity to the video processing world by bringing idle computing resources to video developers. VID token of VideoCoin is well-known for improved staking rewards and delivering worker selection.

Nimrod Lehavi of Simplex said that VideoCoin Simplex partnership will also help developers as the ecosystem of dApps will expand. The firm is happy to join hands with VideoCoin and Simplex is eager to welcome new users who will purchase cryptocurrencies through their fiat payment gateway. The utility of VID token will reach new heights with this collaboration.

Simplex riding high on fiat payment processing

Simplex is a household name in the crypto industry as it has partnerships with MakerDAO, Binance, and OKEx to name a few. The turnkey solutions, especially payment gateways, deliver unmatched crypto-related solutions that are a notch above. Simplex’s fiat rails have built a bridge for traditional investors to enter the crypto industry albeit safely and securely. There’s no bank onboarding for new investors.

Earlier, VideoCoin collaboration with Public Mint provided its users with the option to pay for services in fiat currency. The latest VideoCoin Simplex partnership has broadened the horizon for crypto and fiat gateways which will play a crucial role to help expand the scope of cryptocurrencies.

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