VeChain price analysis 13 June 2019; Will VeChain reach $0.01 by the end of 2019?

VeChain quickly got a lot of traction starting this year. The coin has been staggering between the $0.007 and $0.008 price points for a while now, but there have been no major gains nor losses to speak of.

However, many market experts are expecting VeChain to reach its full potential at $0.01 by the end of 2019, and go even further by the time 2020 reaches our doorstep.

The fact that VeChain, such a small project, and such a cheap cryptocurrency managed to survive the crypto winder in 2018, already indicates to the fact that it is dependable.

The number of partnerships the company comes out with nearly every month gives the coin more and more survivability for the future, and even more relevance down the line if such cooperations continue.

Even though everybody was looking at VET with a bearish tone last week, it seems like every bear has now grown horns and is heading towards a bullish shift.

VET price chart

VET chart by Trading View

At the moment of writing, this article VET may seem like one of the best coins to have in the portfolio right now, simply due to the coin’s potential for growth in the long-term. When it comes to short term, even the smallest move in price could result in a massive percentage jump.

There is very little chance that the coin will plummet even further, as we’ve seen that it thrives on a general bearish sentiment in the crypto market, but also survives any major hits to its own price point.

Right now, all that VET investors can hope for is a breakthrough of the $0.08 price point which will introduce a whole new trajectory of how the price can develop in the future.