VanEck Announces Support for Bitcoin Developers with Pledge from ETF Profits”


  • VanEck, an investment firm, has pledged to donate 5% of the potential profits from its proposed spot bitcoin ETF to Brink, a non-profit dedicated to supporting Bitcoin core developers.
  • In addition to this commitment, VanEck has already contributed an initial $10,000 to Brink, underscoring its support for the Bitcoin ecosystem and the critical role of open-source development in its advancement.



Investment giant VanEck has taken a significant step in supporting the backbone of the Bitcoin ecosystem. On Friday, the firm announced its commitment to donate 5% of potential profits from its proposed spot bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) to Brink, a non-profit organization dedicated to Bitcoin core development. 

The pledge is contingent on the approval of VanEck’s spot bitcoin ETF, which is currently under review.

VanEck’s commitment to Bitcoin’s future

VanEck’s decision marks a notable development in the relationship between financial institutions and the open-source communities that underpin cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. “Your tireless dedication to decentralization and innovation is the cornerstone of the Bitcoin ecosystem, and we’re here to support it—more details to come,” VanEck stated in a post on X. The gesture is not just a financial contribution but also a recognition of the crucial role that these developers play in maintaining and enhancing the Bitcoin network.

In addition to the pledge, VanEck has made an upfront donation of $10,000 to Brink. The initial contribution underscores the firm’s commitment to supporting the ongoing development and security of the Bitcoin network. Jonathan Bier, a member of Brink’s board, expressed enthusiasm over the announcement, highlighting the importance of open-source development work on Bitcoin and commending VanEck for giving back to the core of the ecosystem.

Brink: Fostering Bitcoin development

Founded in 2020, Brink focuses on bolstering the Bitcoin protocol through dedicated research and development efforts. The organization plays a pivotal role in the Bitcoin community by supporting developers who are essential to the cryptocurrency’s infrastructure. Brink’s initiatives include a fellowship program designed to integrate new software engineers into Bitcoin development and a grants program aimed at supporting existing Bitcoin developers.

Brink’s pivotal role in the Bitcoin ecosystem was further recognized in June 2023, marking a significant milestone for the organization. It received a substantial boost in the form of a $5 million funding contribution from Jack Dorsey’s Smart Small funding initiative. The substantial financial support not only acknowledges Brink’s crucial contributions but also reflects the increasing awareness of the importance of such organizations in the broader context of cryptocurrency development.

Growing Support for cryptocurrency infrastructure

The infusion of funds from a high-profile figure like Jack Dorsey serves to underscore the growing trend of support for entities at the heart of the Bitcoin network’s development and maintenance. The funding is a clear indication of the rising value placed on organizations like Brink, which play a central role in nurturing and advancing the technological foundations of the Bitcoin ecosystem.

VanEck’s pledge is more than just a financial boon for Bitcoin developers; it represents a growing trend of investment firms recognizing and supporting the foundational technology behind cryptocurrencies. As more financial institutions begin to integrate cryptocurrency into their offerings, the support for the underlying technology and its developers becomes increasingly critical. VanEck’s commitment could potentially inspire other firms to follow suit, leading to a stronger, more robust, and well-supported Bitcoin network.


VanEck’s pledge to donate a portion of its potential spot bitcoin ETF profits to Bitcoin core developers at Brink is a significant gesture of support for the cryptocurrency’s underlying technology. The move not only contributes financially but also elevates the importance of the open-source community in the development and sustainability of Bitcoin. As the world of cryptocurrency continues to evolve, support from major financial players like VanEck will be crucial in ensuring the growth and stability of these digital assets and their ecosystems.

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