VALORANT Episode 8 Act 1 End Date Announced

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  • VALORANT Episode 8 Act 1 ends in early March; the exact date is TBA.
  • Patch updates 8.01 and 8.02 PBE balance the game.
  • Ranks preserved, new Battle Pass, and possible map changes in this Act.

Riot Games has officially launched Episode 8 Act 1 in VALORANT, bringing many changes to the popular tactical shooter. This update has ushered in a new era for the game, with various buffs and nerfs to agents, a controversial new sniper called the Outlaw, and more. One burning question on players’ minds is when this Act will end.

Act duration in VALORANT

Each Act in VALORANT typically spans approximately two months, offering players a defined window of time to complete their goals and objectives within the game. For Episode 8 Act 1, players can expect this Act to conclude sometime in early March. 

While this gives players a general idea of the timeline, it’s worth noting that Riot Games will announce the official end date as it draws closer to the Act’s conclusion. As such, players should stay tuned to official announcements for the most accurate information.

In addition to the Act’s duration, players can anticipate a series of patch updates throughout the Act. Riot Games utilizes the VALORANT Public Beta Environment (PBE) Schedule to fine-tune the game and address balance issues. Patch 8.01 is on the horizon, and historically, minor patches are released in VALORANT approximately every two weeks.

The upcoming PBE schedule for January indicates that Patch 8.02 PBE is set to take place on the 26th of January. These small patches allow Riot to make necessary adjustments to new weapons and agents introduced during Episode 8, Act 1. Players must watch these patch notes as they can significantly impact the game’s meta and agent balance.

Rank preservation

One of the concerns players often have with the conclusion of an Act is whether their ranks will reset. In VALORANT, after completing the first placement game of a new Act, players will retain their previous rank from the Act of the previous episode. This means that your hard-earned rank will be preserved, allowing you to continue your competitive journey without starting from scratch.

As with any major update, Episode 8 Act 1 has brought about several changes to agents in the game. Riot Games has implemented buffs and nerfs to certain Sentinel-class agents, altering the dynamics of team compositions and strategies. These changes are carefully designed to keep the gameplay experience fresh and balanced, catering to the evolving needs of the VALORANT community.

New battle pass

A new Act also means a new Battle Pass for players to purchase. The Battle Pass offers an array of rewards, including weapon skins, player cards, and more. It provides a progression system that encourages players to complete missions and challenges throughout the Act, earning rewards as they advance. 

Players looking to add a touch of customization to their VALORANT experience will want to explore the contents of the new Battle Pass.

VALORANT is known for its evolving map pool, and with the arrival of Episode 8 Act 1, players can expect some potential adjustments to existing maps. While not explicitly mentioned in this update, Riot Games has a history of making map changes to keep the competitive scene engaging and strategic. Players should be prepared for any tweaks or refinements introduced during this Act.

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