Valentine’s Day Chocolate Clodsire Molds Now Available for Pokemon Fans


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  • Make special Clodsire-shaped chocolates for Valentine’s Day.
  • Exclusive molds are available worldwide via Meccha Japan.
  • Explore Pokemon-themed gifts, including pre-made chocolates and Pikachu plush.

In anticipation of Valentine’s Day, Pokemon enthusiasts have a unique and delightful gift option this year – Clodsire-shaped chocolate molds. These molds allow fans to create Clodsire-shaped chocolates, adding a personal touch to the romantic occasion. 

While the product is currently only available in Japan, it can be obtained globally through Meccha Japan, a website specializing in shipping Japan-exclusive Pokemon merchandise worldwide.

Valentine’s Day is known for its clichés; chocolates are a staple gift during this romantic celebration. However, going the extra mile by crafting your chocolates in the shape of a beloved Pokemon like Clodsire adds a special and heartfelt touch to your gift. The Clodsire-shaped chocolate molds are a creative way to express your love and admiration for someone special.

A glimpse at the Clodsire chocolate molds

PokeJungle has shared images of these molds, showcasing what the Clodsire-shaped chocolates can look like when crafted with care. The molds are designed to replicate the iconic Clodsire with its characteristic spikes. 

Each set includes a rubber or silicon mold capable of producing six Clodsire chocolates simultaneously. Three features exposed spikes, while the other three concealed the spikes within the chocolate.

While the Clodsire-shaped chocolate molds are initially available exclusively in Japan, Pokemon fans worldwide can still get their hands on this charming gift idea. 

Meccha Japan, a trusted online platform for sourcing Japan-exclusive Pokemon merchandise, offers these molds for international shipping. This means that even if you’re not in Japan, you can order the molds and surprise your loved one with homemade Clodsire-shaped chocolates.

A perfect gift for Pokemon enthusiasts

The promotional images of the Clodsire-shaped chocolates highlight their impeccable design, making them an ideal gift for Pokemon enthusiasts and chocolate lovers alike. While creating these chocolates might seem straightforward, achieving the same perfection level as seen in the promotional images can be challenging. 

However, the thought and effort count and your loved one will surely appreciate the gesture, even if some of the chocolates look like other Pokemon creatures.

If crafting Clodsire-shaped chocolates seems a bit too ambitious, don’t worry; there are other Pokemon-themed Valentine’s Day gifts to consider. 

The 2024 Valentine’s Pokemon collection includes pre-made chocolates, and for those looking to make an even grander gesture, there’s a larger gift box with a new Pikachu plush toy. These options provide a range of choices for expressing affection and appreciation on this special day.

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