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Crypto-Valentine`s Day: 33% of Americans ready for crypto-dates


TL;DR Breakdown

  • A recent survey finds that 33% of respondents are more inclined to go on a date with someone who talks about investing or owns digital currencies.
  • The dating landscape is shifting in the direction of connecting with individuals who have NFT-centric profile pictures.

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching, and the dating climate has changed. Here’s a dating tip for you: cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Single men and women are looking for a partner that is not only financially secure but also knowledgeable when it comes to digital currencies as lover’s day approaches.

A crypto-Valentine’s Day affair

According to a recent poll, over 33% of Americans said they couldn’t wait to become romantically involved with someone who talks about digital assets on their social media platform or dating site on Valentine’s Day. Soon there will be the talk of crypto-marriages. 

Additionally, these respondents are openly available to all users who set NFT as their dating profile picture. Surprisingly, single men and women said they would not date simply anybody. Instead, they want to meet someone who is crypto savvy.

It’s worth noting that Twitter has already provided its users with a tool that allows NFT photos to be used as profile pictures. Instagram and YouTube will most likely release tools enabling these assets to their communities in the near future.

Owning virtual currencies has advantages, and using them as a payment method makes people even more appealing. According to eToro, 75% of singles are eager to welcome anybody interested in digital coins and can afford their expenses in Bitcoin (BTC). 

Businesses have begun to align themselves with the notion that these currencies may be used as a form of payment for Valentine’s Day purchases and payments.

The United States sets the pace for crypto adoption

The United States is rapidly becoming the world’s major center for the cryptocurrency industry. China just banned both mining and cryptocurrency investments in an attempt to reduce electricity usage. Nations throughout Asia and Eastern Europe, such as Russia, are attempting to fill the gap created by China.

The U.S. also has a publicly-traded crypto exchange on its stock market. Both Texas’ governor and New York’s mayor have made a name for themselves by promoting crypto life in the political sphere.

The crypto market has expanded at breakneck speed, prompting the Biden administration to create a comprehensive approach. It’s just a few days away until Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget that having digital currencies might increase your desirability on the dating market.

Florence Muchai

Florence Muchai

Florence is a crypto enthusiast and writer who loves to travel. As a digital nomad, she explores the transformative power of blockchain technology. Her writing reflects the limitless possibilities for humanity to connect and grow.

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