U.S. Senator demands criminal charges against Tether, Binance

Senator Lummis promotes Bitcoin's role in national security and environmental sustainability

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  • U.S. Senators urge DOJ to charge Binance and Tether for alleged support of terrorism and financial crimes.
  • They highlight the need for immediate action to uphold sanctions laws and the Bank Secrecy Act.
  • Tether responds, defending its commitment to transparency, regulatory compliance, and fighting illicit activities.

In a dramatic and unprecedented move, U.S. Senators Cyntia Lummis and French Hill are calling for the Department of Justice (DOJ) to launch a full-blown investigation and press criminal charges against cryptocurrency giants Binance and Tether.

These demands follow growing concerns regarding the entities’ potential entanglement in illicit finance activities and their alleged role in facilitating resources to support terrorism.

Bearing the responsibility of representing the states of Wyoming and Arkansas respectively, Senators Lummis and Hill wasted no time in voicing their concerns through a meticulously crafted letter to the DOJ.

They pressed the department to dissect and scrutinize the operations of Binance and Tether, emphasizing the urgency of evaluating the extent to which these cryptocurrency platforms might be playing a pivotal role in violating sanctions laws and the Bank Secrecy Act, all the while providing material support to terrorist activities.

Mounting Pressure and Demand for Accountability

The wheels of justice are in motion as U.S. lawmakers intensify their crackdown on the potential mishandling of digital assets, particularly their use in money laundering schemes that ultimately fund criminal enterprises.

The senators’ letter to the DOJ underlines a critical demand for accountability, urging swift action to be taken against both Binance and Tether.

The lawmakers have made it clear that they stand united in their call to choke off funding sources for terrorists, especially those targeting nations like Israel.

The senators’ demand for criminal charges comes on the back of reports linking digital assets to money laundering and terrorism financing. The lawmakers are steadfast in their belief that this is a fight against bad actors and not against cryptocurrency itself.

They have highlighted the role of Binance and Tether as intermediaries in illicit finance activities, particularly in their alleged engagements with Hamas, and are now looking to Attorney General Merrick Garland to deliver justice.

Tether’s Response and Commitment to Transparency

In light of the brewing storm and the senators’ demands, Tether has come forward with a statement aiming to clarify its stance and reaffirm its commitment to transparency and regulatory compliance.

The company vehemently challenges the reports suggesting a significant volume of illicit funds flowing through cryptocurrencies, attributing such claims to a misinterpretation of data.

Tether has gone to great lengths to underscore its dedication to combating illicit activities, detailing its extensive collaboration with law enforcement agencies across 19 jurisdictions.

This partnership has resulted in the seizure of $835 million of illicit funds on their platform, showcasing Tether’s unwavering commitment to maintaining a clean and transparent operation.

In any case, as the DOJ takes the matter into its hands, the world watches, waiting to see if this will be a pivotal moment in ensuring the integrity of digital assets and safeguarding the financial system from bad actors.

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