US SEC is all set to launch the crypto road trip

In a report published in San Francisco on the 26th of March, 2019, it was stated that the Exchange Commission USA and US securities would initiate the crypto road trip. The Strategic Hub for financial technology and innovation is set to open from noon to 4 PM to all blockchain and crypto enthusiasts and entrepreneurs to address questions regarding the handling of trading and securities registration and any other queries that they may have.

The first ever local co-peer meetings by the Commission in the US is set to take place on the 26th of March 2019. This meeting is expected to enable the fintech (financial technology) leaders to communicate with each other in person and with the regulators.

This will be conducted as part of the outreach program, to promote awareness on the issue of digital asset technology and provide a platform for discussing the crypto asset space between innovators, entrepreneurs, and regulators.

Many topics will be covered under these discussions that were planned as the consequence of recognizing a dire need for advisory services. They include basic information of digital assets, the trading platforms available to them, advisory services and facilities regarding these crypto assets and the principles of digital market finance.

Jay Clayton, the chief of U.S Securities and Exchange Commission stated after the announcement of the crypto road trip that Etherium, along with many other decentralized crypto assets is not a security.

He admitted to this claim in a letter written to Ted Budd, US House representative, upon his request to the SEC for providing a clear explanation on what SEC’s Director meant when he stated that he did not consider Etherium as security.