US is the leading blockchain based job provider: Report

In accordance with a recent study published on 8th March by The NextWeb (TNW), US is ranked number one in the world when it comes to jobs openings relevant to block-chain. The required data for this report was sourced from Glassdoor, a hiring and recruitment site where they studied all the available job positions relevant to the term ‘blockchain’ all over the globe.

Inevitably, results depicted the U.S to be leading in this front, accounting for almost half, or some 2,616 of the total jobs openigns relevant to blockchain. Following the US , is the UK, with over one thousand job adds related to blockchainm whereas India now holds the third place on the list with a sum of 257 positions in this area.

Of all the job vacancies posted on this site, Blockchain Engineer posts make up for the largest fraction. Next to this are positions for Senior Software Engineer’ followed by ‘Blockchain Developer’ as the most frequently occurring job titles.

IBM, the pioneer in modern technology, offers the largest number of jobs in this area, according to another list reported by TNW, of major companies who offer such jobs. Second on this list is the Ernst and Young, the Big Four accounting company, followed by Oracle, which is a software developer firm.

It was reported that only three of the top ten companies have taken up cryptocurrency. The blockchain engineers demand has increased by 517% over a period of one year. In accordance with a report published by Hired, a recruitment firm, the position of a security engineer is the 2nd most rapidly growing role.

Blockchain technology might still be in its initial stages of development and adoption, none-the-less, experts believe that it has found real-time application, even if at a small scale.