Unveiling the Mysteries: AI vs. the Human Mind

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  • AI is evolving at a great pace.
  • AI does not give answers to the questions that a human mind is expected to solve.
  • The human mind is an unveiling mystery that still has depths unforeseen by technology.

AI is evolving at a great pace these days. But, in this respect, the dilemma is: What could give the human mind an exceptional advantage over the AI’s machinery? Most advanced AI technologies exist; however, the complexities of the human mind are still the deepest riddle which AI capabilities are really far behind to demonstrate their full extent.

AI algorithms, the neural networks in particular that aim to reproduce some brain functions of the human are trailing far behind the standard of the human mind, which is quite complicated. 

AI crunching data, lacking depth

Xaq Pitkow is an associate professor at Carnegie Mellon University, who pointed to this disparity saying, that it goes without mentioning the big gap between AI intelligence and human intelligence. The brain has deep neurological structure related to a different task, like memory, values, movement patterns, sensory perception and others, that define how we become smart and what smartness really is.

Today the AI technologies that can work with big data and draw even plausible conclusions have been developed, but the AI still does not overcome the new findings and give answers to the questions that a human mind is expected to solve. Pitkow recognizes that the human mind also works with prediction. To an extent, he admits the functioning of the mind beyond the AI reasoning capacity.

Ability to analyze

Interviewing chatbots with a capacity for chatting as high as ChatGPT or Google’s Gemini sometimes can appear you are communicating with a real person, as they provide reply-able responses, although most of the times they happen to be inaccurate. But it is even the designers of the technologies express skepticism that they will be able to determine their limitations and in turn this poses a question whether artificial intelligence has the readiness to address these complex matters that would need human expertise.

The primary capability of MAs is their ability to be socially intelligent. They can understand humans’ thoughts and emotions, which allows them to interact with them more efficiently. This can be done by recognizing patterns, determining complex problems, and extracting meanings from verbal or written communications.

Think through the subtleties of social interactions, factoring in situations where admitting that you are sorry or demonstrating empathy is necessary. can AI systems which are programmed are sophisticated as the human one perform such difficult tasks? How about individual domains, like writing music or coming up with your way of telling jokes? These realms require as many years of practice and intuition as trial and error.

Among all the excellement of AI that we face in our world today, the human mind is an unveiling mystery that still has depths unforeseen by technology. Therefore, one can say that while AI systems can have a superior reasoning, creativity and abstract thinking; a person’s mental capacity is an unknown phenomenon for machine intelligence.

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